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2019-03-27 6:44 AM

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Subject: Clip on Aero Bars?

I've been toying with the idea of getting clip on aero bars for my road bike.  Just wondering if anyone else has done this and what your experience has been like?  Any preferred products?

2019-03-27 11:50 AM
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Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?
My bike was available in a road configuration or a tri configuration when I bought it. I chose the road config and immediately accessorized it with clip on aero bars. I ride too much in town in non-aero position to commit to a bike that is pretty much meant to be ridden primarily in aero. I want my hands on the brake hoods riding in traffic. Yet I do want the option of aero for long rides in the country or for triathlons. To me the only disadvantage of clip on aero bars versus a tri bike is that you don't have the shifters at your fingertips when you are riding aero.

My clip ons are Profile Design and those are what I see out there mostly. They have a few different models and your LBS can help you figure which is best for you.

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2019-03-27 2:10 PM
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Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?

Thanks - I'd be getting them for the same purpose.  I'm a wee bit nervous re: lack of quick access to brakes and wonder how the steering is...?

2019-03-27 2:55 PM
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Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?
These are pretty solid.
Probably can be found cheaper on ebay or somewhere used.

That's how I made my transition to a full tri bike.
Started with just a road bike.
Started doing longer events so added aero bars.
Once I was consistently doing 70.3 races, switched to full tri bike.
2019-03-27 5:54 PM
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Placitas, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?

I started on a road bike (80's Raleigh with downtube shifters), added century aerobars and did a HIM.  Moved to a tri-bike.  Acquired another road bike with "J" style clip-on's.  When one of those broke, I've gone back to a century style aerobar.  

I prefer the century style (look like a diamond shaped loop).  I can ride with my hands palm-down on the lower half of the loop, palms up on the lower half of the loop, or palms down on the upper half of the loop.  I like the versatility.  The different positions allow me to stretch or apply power differently while remaining aero.  As an example, I can switch from a relaxed position with my hands on top of the loop to grabbing the lower portion palms-up if I turn into the wind or have a false-flat to climb.  

2019-03-28 4:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?

i recently added a pair of clip-ons to my road bike and was expecting a gradual process of building up to getting used to riding with them however I was surprised and very happy to find that I could ride in the position almost immediately without any issues relating to comfort or handling - 4weeks after adding them I rode all 40km of an Olympic event using them.

If you search on youtube on the global triathlon network (GTN) site there are some really useful videos offering tips and mini practice drills for transitioning to using aero bars. Definitely find a quiet stretch of road to practice on! Lastly from my experience it is definitely recommended to have your bike setup by someone qualified to cater for the addition of aero bars - this usually involves adjusting handlebar height and moving the saddle position.


2019-03-28 5:38 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?
I put Clip Ons on the road bike during year one. To transition into them, I have a 5 mile loop that is fairly close to home. I know the loop well, know the turns and the hills. That made it far more comfortable. I hate being on the bars in areas that I am not familiar with, it scares me; however, once I know the lay of the land I don't have any concerns.

Now I have a tri bike also, I am easing myself into that using the same process. What a completely different position that is.


2019-03-28 12:07 PM
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Overland Park, KS
Subject: RE: Clip on Aero Bars?
I did this for the first 5-6 years of doing triathlons before I got an actual TT bike. But I also improved my overall position on the road bike by adding a longer stem and Fast Forward seatpost. This gave me very close to the ideal TT position.

To help with this process I got a professional fit (Retul) before purchasing the equipment.

If you simply slap on some aerobars you may see some gains (as you will reduce your drag by reducing the frontal area).

When I first tried the aerobars, I spaced them out wider in order to get used to riding with my arms close together. Then I gradually moved them in.

Most triathlon bike courses are non-technical so you shouldn't have to reach for brakes all that often. But your actual training rides can be a different story.

I went with Profile Design aerobars (T2+) which worked out great.
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