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2019-05-26 9:59 AM


Subject: De Soto Skin Cooler
After reading a lot of reviews on the De Soto skin cooler I decided to give it a try. They’re about $100 but I read on another thread that you can return it if you’re not satisfied with it. Why not?

I’m in Oklahoma and it was about 90 degrees with high humidity. First, I tried it on the bike. Went about 40 miles and was miserable in the thing.

I decided to try it one more time. I hate knocking something when I just tried it once. I biked about 60 miles and ran 4. The weather was about the same, 90’s and humid. Miserable the whole time. I felt like I was running and biking in a sweater. I read that pouring ice on it would help but it didn’t.

Has anyone had a similar experience? The reviews on them are great but I just didn’t get it.

By the way, the return policy only applies to purchases made on the De Soto site. You’re screwed if you purchase on amazon, wear it, hate it, and want to return the thing.

2019-05-26 10:06 AM
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Subject: RE: De Soto Skin Cooler
I wonder if the humidity affects it. I would imagine it works through evaporative cooling. If the humidity is high then that cooling mechanism would be hindered.

I know a few people swear by the long sleeve shirt. I think it has a pocket or two inside it where you can put ice or cold sponges to keep you cool. It’s a popular item for Ironman Augusta 70.3 where the run temp is usually in the high 90s with humidity in the 80-90% range as well.
2019-05-26 12:47 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: De Soto Skin Cooler
Would recommend 2XU's Ice-X fabric, or Pearl Izumi's Inr-Cool for hot, humid conditions. I have some suits and arm sleeves with their cooling fabric, and when I trained and competed in SE Asia, they seemed to work really well. Oddly, they seem to work best when wet, either from sweat or swimming in them first in a race. I wore a sleeved 2XU suit for the swim and bike portions of IM Malaysia (80's to low 90's with very high humidity) last year and it worked really well. In fact, these fabrics can be a bit uncomfortable if worn in cool conditions once you get sweaty, due to their cooling effect on the skin (nearly froze in a race in Canada wearing one of the 2XU suits!).

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Subject: RE: De Soto Skin Cooler
I love mine but I only wear it during the run portion of races. I stuff the 2 back pockets with ice to keep cool and I soak the rest of it with cool/cold water at the aid stations. It has helped me to stay cool during very hot run courses. I tried it once on the bike segment of a race, but my only goal for it at that time was to prevent sunburn.
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