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2019-07-14 7:44 PM


Subject: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
Hi everyone!
I can hardly believe I'm 1 weekend away from my Tri! I am in the last 2 weeks of Joe Friel's absolute Beginner plan.

My Sprint Tri is 450m pool swim, 15mile bike ride through rolling hills + 5k run.

Just completed my mini Tri workout today ( brick workouts are weekends only in my plan) of 500m continuous freestyle swim, 10mile/ 50min bike ride and 20 min/1.5 mile nonstop run. Suggested workout durations are per my training plan.

I have ridden up to 14 miles on the actual course once before and I'm good on the swim but I've not done a full 3mile/5k run yet. The most is 2miles. My training plan has been time-focused and I'm still quite slow.

Am I prepared? I haven't done a full race distance back to back yet and my workouts are ramping down till race day for adequate rest.

Advice much appreciated! Thanks so much!

2019-07-14 8:43 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
You'll be fine. The swim is usually the biggest challenge for most beginners anyway. Sprint tri bike and run distances should be well within the reach of most reasonably active people, even on minimal training. The key is not overdoing it on the bike so you have nothing left for the run. It's never "just" 5K LOL, even if you have a marathon background, which you clearly don't. Seriously, I have done maybe 12 half-iron and one full, plus numerous Olympic and other random distance events, and, except for a few cases where I was ill or injured, the worst suffering I've done on a run has been in sprints--in one case from overdoing the bike and leaving nothing for the run; in the other, really extreme conditions (an approaching tropical storm at the equator) throughout the race.

Worst case scenario, you may end up running a bit slower than you'd like, or doing some walking. There's no law against that and plenty of others will do the same. Race-day adrenaline and lots of company will probably get you through that last mile faster than you think.
2019-07-14 9:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
You got it. Have a smooth swim, a reasonably paced bike and endure through the run. Have fun and you’ll be itching to sign up for another one before you make it back home.
2019-07-15 12:23 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
The statistics indicate that with very few exception that if you can make it through you mini Triathlon you will make it through you full triathlon. So based on you completion of you mini tri there is a 95% chance that you will be able to complete the triathlon. You are ready. No need to complete a 3-mile run before the race to be ready.
2019-07-15 12:16 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
This is your first tri. The goal is to finish, not be up there on the podium. You can always walk during the run if you run out of gas, but I don't think you will. Sounds like you have trained as much as time will allow. Have fun!
2019-07-27 11:51 PM
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Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the encouragement and info! I had a bit of a panicky week. I developed shortness of breath and chest tightness at rest shortly after I posted. It wouldn't go away and being on meds for a chronic condition that can cause pulmonary hypertension , I reached to my doc who said I need to get bloods and chest x-ray done. Yes, one last lung is struggling from listening through stethoscope.

Trying to train was frustrating and disappointing, I struggled with my swim, climbing hills on my bike and my run was dismal. Yikes, it's 5 days to Tri at this point and chances of racing was dimming...

Sooo, fortunately tests and results took 24hrs turnaround and everything is normal! Big phew. Doc things I might have developed some asthma symptoms from outdoors but inconclusive at the moment. I'm taking some drops, my lungs are not 100% but better.

Tomorrow is The Day! Found out today I made a mistake on my swim distance. No idea how that happened. But yikes looks like it's not 500m but 800m! NOT a distance I had trained for so hopefully adrenaline will pull me through. Fortunately , pool swim.

Will update later tomorrow how it goes.

Thanks again, appreciate all the advice thus far,


2019-07-28 2:23 AM
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, Kronobergs lan
Subject: RE: Tri in 2 weeks, am I prepared?
Good luck!
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