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2019-07-25 1:27 PM

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Subject: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
I have been back on the couch for 2+ years. Backstory: 51 years old, about 7 years ago started working out, did marathons, some tris and eventually IMWI2015, since then did some running, couple mud events.

My heart wants to get back into running and eventually doing another IM. I do love feeling in shape (and I need to lose some couch pounds). I just can't find the motivation. My new business sucks up a huge amount of time and I could literally sit at my computer 15 hours per day x 7 days per week.

Being introspective, I am also realizing that I don't necessarily enjoy working out or any of the three sports. I know lots of people love to bike or run or such. Not me.

I look at training like a job. Just like needing to mow the grass or take the car in for an oil change. Nothing I look forward to. And when I don't get a training event done cause life gets in the way, I am frustrated at the world, just like not being able to mow the grass cause it started raining.

I know a typical answer to this question is "just go do some fun runs", but even training for that has no appeal. Has anyone had any success with some small changes in their lives to get themselves going and off the couch?

2019-07-25 3:14 PM
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, Kronobergs lan
Subject: RE: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
First thing that comes to mind is: if you don’t enjoy swimming biking or running, maybe find another sport you would enjoy?
Second thing is: but it took me 4 years to actually enjoy tri training (but I stuck at it because there was no other sport that I could do with unstable knees).
Third thing, how do you feel when you’ve finished a work out? Feels great, doesn’t it? Try to motivate yourself by thinking about that feeling.

2019-07-25 6:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
It was maybe too strong for me to say I don't like running. I like it fine once I am in condition and not suffering being stiff the next morning.

I grew up swimming so that is not a big deal for me.

Yes, I love the sense of accomplishment of completing a training event, but it is quickly followed by the realization that I have more emails to answer! Maybe it is just my priorities are too career focused now.

2019-07-25 6:57 PM
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Subject: RE: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
No advice. I feel the same way. I did a 70.3 last yr then said I was done. Hadn't done much since. But we recently moved closer to a hopeful training partner an we both signed up for Des Moines 70.3 next year. I'm hoping training with someone will help the motivation.
2019-07-29 6:54 AM
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Subject: RE: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
I might suggest looking for some fun - vacation-y type things that are swim or run related.

So instead of signing up for a solo race which has some intensity built into it maybe look to do a fun exotic swim. Bermuda has a swim week filled with events. Put something on your calendar that is fitness related.

Maybe trail running or hiking instead of running.

Maybe a cycling vacation versus a race.

I find that if I'm going through an intense part of my life - racing appeals to me less. But I still like the activity.

Hope that helps.
2019-07-30 2:48 PM
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Subject: RE: Training Enjoyment vs a Training Job
Interesting question...

Looking at my training and workouts, I can't say I "enjoy" them. I don't swim, bike or run for fun. Maybe for commutes to kill two birds with one stone. I do feel GREAT after they are done. I do feel like something's missing if I don't get the AM workout in. Helps kick start my brain for the day.

I consider my training just a part of the schedule, like brushing my teeth, eating breakfast, work meetings.
I have appointments in my work calendar blocking off lunch hour so no one tries to set some moronic lunch meeting that interferes with the workout. Ya, I'd rather get a free lunch and sit in an office with AC (or heat), but I feel like crap the afternoon lethargic and sleepy.

I find that the workouts energize me to get started in the AM and have a lunch reset.

Signing up for races creates a target and reason to train.
I do enjoy the lead up checking in, wondering around the expo's, traveling for races.
Maybe not the event so much, but I do get fired up after its done.

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