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2006-09-21 8:31 AM

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Norman, Oklahoma
Subject: Jesus and the Defense Budget.


This kind of thing has always angered me about some chaplains.  The evangelicals have invaded the chaplain corps and it's their agenda to witness to me.  I personally don't need God in my cockpit or foxhole but I realize there are certain people who do.  I just hate this stuff jammed up my @$$ at squadron functions that have no reason to have chaplains preaching the Word. 

I know all chaplains are not right wing zealots, but the ones that are make me long for the days when they followed orders and valued good order and discipline over religious politics.

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2006-09-21 8:40 AM
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Subject: RE: Jesus and the Defense Budget.

I refuse to comment.  I've learned that I cannot respond to threads about Jesus without marmavader giving it the yank.  As such, I will NOT be presenting factual evidence that suggests that Jesus was myth created by desperate Jewish people in search of their own identity and then adopted and spread by a Roman empire in an attempt to quell rising social unrest.  I will simply support those who choose to belive what they choose, offering a different perspective only to those who inquire.

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