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2021-01-02 8:13 AM


, New York
Subject: Spacing out races

Unfortunately I used Covid and 2020 in general to not train, but am psyched to be back in the saddle again... with that said I’m looking to line up races for this assuming there will be significantly lower participant limits.

Curious to know how people space out races? I started 4 years ago and raced in 3 tri sprints 3 years in a row, 1 each in June, July and September (western NY climate limits the race calendar). Took a year off and would like to do the intermediate Aquabike.

I know it’s individual thing, but would like to get feedback on how you determine the number of races you participate in.


2021-01-03 4:18 PM
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Atlanta, Georgia
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Subject: RE: Spacing out races
I don't have a good observation about spacing out events but some races are on the calendar as a building block to an 'A' race and others are completely stand alone. The former fit into the calendar as part of the big-picture, so it's driven by the plan for that 'A' race.

FWIW, three sprints over the course of four months looks pretty appealing and fun. Most of us got rusty over the last year; good luck with your comeback!
2021-01-05 4:35 PM
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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: Spacing out races
One year I signed up for so many races, at some point I had a tri every other week.... And half marathon every other week in Fall. It sounded like fun when I was signing up, but after couple of races done in a row I was tired.... Not tired of racing, just the whole thing. Waking up in the morning (night), gettiong everything ready, etc. I like the excitement, the waiting, the suspense sort of thing. Once it becomes a regular thing, this excitement is lower. After that year I decided I wanted to have at least a month breat between some of the races, just to breath.
2021-01-05 4:37 PM
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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: Spacing out races
Depends on distances too. short distances one after another won't hurt, and can be implemented into training to A race. I once did 50K couple of weeks after running a marathon, and I felt that my body had not recovered yet. SO just another thing to consider.
2021-01-06 12:41 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Spacing out races

Originally posted by Pcamilo ....Curious to know how people space out races?

Well... in my first 4 years in the sport, I did 1-2 two races a year.  Most years was a spring Half Ironman.  Some years I did a Fall race too.  I trained year-round and put all the eggs in one basket at one big race to see how much progress I had for the year.  My fifth year I went to sprint races so that I could get enough races in to get a USAT ranking.  There were more non-Sunday Sprint races and they didn't cost as much to do so  I was able to replace one Half Ironman race for four Sprint races.  in 2020 I just did what came my way.  I signed up the week of the race in most instances allowing me to complete three live Duathlons.  I also did some virtual races (two of them on-line) and two of them just on my own with no race organization to report back to.  I use races to motivate me to train.  One 70.3 a year is enough to keep me training. The Sprint races were a lot more fun though.  I would go as hard as a could for an hour and at the finish line feel like I had just gone for a warm-up. I was the overall winner at two of these sprint events.  At 70.3 event I am wiped out at the finish line and it takes me hours to feel like doing anything else.  Work is relocating me next month so the plan is to try to connect with the Triathlon community in the new city this spring and if I find any events this summer (Sprints) to do them and then look for a 70.3 event in the fall.


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