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2022-06-02 5:03 AM


Subject: No fluff plan
Does someone have experience with the no fluff plan ?
My goal is to improve speed and FTP after an early season IM.

Can I adapt the bike workouts to train by power instead if Heart rate ?


2022-06-02 10:56 AM
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Cypress, Texas
Subject: RE: No fluff plan

No, I do not have experience with the No Fluff plan.  I however think that it might be difficult to convert the Heart Rate Bike Workouts to Power.  The HR plan is given in terms of %Threshold HR (i.e. 90%) and in terms of HR Zones (i.e. Z3). 

How would you do the conversion to power?  My FTP is 313 watts and my Bike Threshold HR is 152 BPM.  My bike power & HR zones are the following:

BIKE Power                                              Bike HEART RATE

Zone 6: 324-2000 watts                         

Zone 5: 284-323 watts                           Zone 5C:  162-239 BPM

                                                                   Zone 5B:  156-161 BPM  

                                                                   Zone 5A:  152-155 BPM

Zone 4: 244-283 watts                           Zone 4:    144-151 BPM

Zone 3: 204-243 watts                           Zone 3:    136-143 BPM

Zone 2: 150-203 watts                           Zone 2:    129-135 BPM

Zone 1:   0-149   watts                            Zone 1:      0-128   BPM


My HR HR limit for the Bike Leg of a 70.3 race is 130 BPM, but that puts me at about 255W.  Similarly my last sprint triathlon I was at 144-147 BPM HR on the bike leg but was at about 290W.   So there isn't liner relationship between power and heart rate. Unless you are a lot better at converting HR to power than I am, you would be better to find a Power Based Plan for the bike than to try to convert HR to Power.    



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2022-06-02 11:20 AM
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Subject: RE: No fluff plan
Thanks a lot

Yep, so I'll stay with the winter bike plan that is on this website, keeping just 2 quality sessions and 1 long ride.
For the run I'll do 1 brick threshold, 1 speed and one long run.
Hope it won't be too much intensity !
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