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2007-02-09 1:54 PM

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Vacaville, Ca
Subject: I'm back!!
Like the subject says.. I'm back. My last attempt at getting in shape didn't turn out so well. I was about 190 lbs and had started running. I entered a team race... (12 hrs of continuous running.. each member runs 1 mile then the next member starts.... I ended up running 12 miles) well I was doing fine til about 3/4 thru.. my knee started hurting... but I kept on.. well I have been in a knee brace for about 7 months... and still hurting.. I put on about 12 more pounds and felt like crap.. I was sick of feeling fat and slow... The week before xmas i weighed myself and i was 202lbs.. (I'm 5'11").. I dug out my old polar heart rate monitor and headed to the fridge. It wasn't fun but I literally threw everything out... then I got in my car and went shopping.. I bought all sorts of lean cuisine meals.. and that's pretty much all I've eaten until this week. I worked out in the gym... on the elliptical glider for 35 minutes, the stationary bike (with back support) for 35 minutes.. and I've been doing the rowing machine for 15 minutes or 2 miles.. whichever comes first... (i can now row 2 miles in about 13:15...) I have been doing this EVERY DAY since the 21st of Dec... Today when I weighed myself i was at 169.5 lbs.. (my goal was to be in the 160's). Now to be honest I don't feel how I want. I know my calorie intake is way too low and I just don't feel right. This is why I got a book called... "Food for Fitness" by Chris Carmichael... I'm sure you know who he is. Well... I have now started eating better/more food and I do feel better.. I started this week to do some light weight training and I really feel good after lifting... I don't want to be huge monster.. but I do want to get some good definition.. I am now looking at some bikes.. particularly the Cervelo Dual.
I plan on getting it within the next month and start riding. I have a buddy that rides... I just hope he doesn't blow me out of the water and get sick of riding slowly.. (I've never ridden before) Anyway I just wanted to say that I'm back and I am trying to do something with myself.. Hopefully spending $$ on the bike will keep me motivated enough to wear those tight spandex shorts..... LOL.. Ok my rant is done.. comments please... Oh and my knee feels so much better since losing the weight... The doctor never even suggested that I try to lose some weight...

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2007-02-09 5:31 PM
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Subject: RE: I'm back!!
Congratulations! You are well on your way! They say if you can do it for a good month it becomes a habit. Keep up the great work.
2007-02-09 5:46 PM
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Port Moody, BC
Subject: RE: I'm back!!
I feel you pain. Sounds a bit like my ordeal, blew out my ACL in soccer and gained the weight like it was in style due to a lack of mobility. I hope to see a continued growth in your desire to et back into shape. Training for my first tri has put me into the best shape I've been in for years!
2007-02-11 10:36 AM
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Bay Area- California
Subject: RE: I'm back!!
Wow, you have really come a long way since December!  Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your new bike when you get it. 
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