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2007-11-27 4:51 PM
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Whitsett, North Carolina
Subject: RE: Amazing and new swimming perspective
Daremo - 2007-11-27 4:16 PM

In the 25 yard pool I'm somewhere in the 21 - 23 range but can get down to the 19 - 20 when I really go for distance per stroke and not go for any sort of pace. (Oddly enough I usually have a decent pace then to, I just can't hold it and it feels like I sink at the end of each stroke when I do that).

I think part of it is that I just don't get enough pool time. I'm averaging 20k per month for the year, but I still don't thik that is enough. But it is really all I can fit in with the life schedule.

My swim is by far my weak link. If I can even get it partially improved I would be a lot more competitive I think. Coming out of the water with so much of a deficit is a b-tch! That's why I like these kinds of threads. Because anything I can try to make myself better in the water (within reason) is a bonus!

And to wurkit ..... relax, BT is not that antagonistic! You've met me (and my three little ones) and have an idea of what I'm really like in person.


We're built around the same size - you're a little taller, but I have big long monkey arms.  I'm right around 13-15 strokes per length.  I'm sure you've dissected you're stroke a million different ways.  That sinking feeling is interesting - which might indicate something.  Would you consider yourself a kicker?

2007-11-27 6:57 PM
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Denver, Colorado
Subject: RE: Amazing and new swimming perspective

AdventureBear - 2007-11-27 1:36 PM I think he's trying to share with us a zen-like state of mind, rather than a specific technique for getting faster. Just close your eyes and go with it. When I did that (closed my eyes and went with it) the feel that I came away with was reaching further. Others may have other ways of experiencing SFSC's epiphany. Swimming is all about technique, but it's also about findign the zone where you can work effortlessly, which of course, comes with time...

I agree. It is very easy to overthink swimming (as well as other things). That's one of the reasons why I really didn't like Total Immersion - it made me think too d*mn much. I enjoy swimming a lot more now that I'm using a different system.

Having said that, I still have no clue how to practically apply SFSC's epiphany. I think he swallowed a bit too much pool water that day.

Dude, find a looser swim cap and let the blood flow back into your brain.

2007-11-27 7:45 PM
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Cycling Guru
Fulton, MD
Subject: RE: Amazing and new swimming perspective
Not a kicker at all ..... in fact if I try to use a kick board it is like 3:30/100 at best!  But my legs are nice and straight and I have good ankle flexibility.
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