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OWS in Wetsuit

Going down to hang out with Donna today.  I didn't realize that it was a 2 hour drive.  :O   I doubt that it will take me that long though...

I'm taking my bike and my wetsuit...maybe the two of us can do a wee lil' brick.

 I went to a Michael W Smith concert with Jonathan this evening and had a lot of fun.  Met a cyclist who is doing the courage classic, an event that I have been debating.  I gave her my contact info and invited her to Cycle the Wave.
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OWS w/ wetsuit in Lake Sammamish. It has warmed up quite nicely.

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put shade cloth up over all the windows...summer is actually here and it came at full force.

Very, very, very tired and irritable.

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So this is how I am logging all the time I spent getting into wetsuits...I tried on 5 different suits...it was hot, I was sweating. My fingers hurt from pulling the suits on cm by cm. I tried the one I chose twice.


BUT I now have a wetsuit that I am happy with.

Tired and irritable.

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It was hot. I rode back to laurelhurst to reunite with my car. from there I went to the eastside for badminton.

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tired, irritable, and very unmotivated.

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