Moderate or heavy snow showers High 29FLow 16F
  • Temp: 27F
  • Hum: 68%
  • W: 12mph WSW
Partly cloudy
High 36F
Low 18F
High 36F
Low 20F
Partly cloudy
High 41F
Low 29F
Light freezing rain
High 36F
Low 25F
  • 1h 00m
  • -----
  • -----

5:15 AM, warm-up and then spinning class. I am going to miss the people at the Scottsdale location... I might just need to come back here, for run.

I have my presentation this morning.  Last night's run through went smoothly, and I intend to "sweep my aura" this morning to get myself ready for presenting. 

  • 42m
  • 1200.00 meters
  • 03m 30s /100 meters

5:20 AM
23 mins of drills that involved making sure that I had proper hand entry in the water, as well as the in-water portion of the stroke. I am feeling like MUCH less of a spaz as I am developing some muscle memory for the freestyle arm movement.
The remainder of the time was with my good ol' friend, the breast stroke.

  • Calories: 1952 From fat:968.16 (106.64g, 49.6%), From Carbs:570.05 (141.27g, 29.2%), Protein:413.8 (102.55g, 21.2%)
  • 40m
  • 13.00 miles
  • 19.50 Mi/hr

5:30 AM Cycling Class
WOW, do I have cycling studio envy. This was the most AWESOME set up that I have ever seen. Tiered room, huge projection screen TVs in the front of the room playing back Tour de France footage. Excellent music and the class was not dominated by the ego of the instructor. She directed us, but the class was not all about how "cool" she was.
Okay, so to explain that comment... the 50-something male cycling guy at my local gym spends the class flirting with the girly-girls and is otherwise a bit annoying. He's a strong cycler, but his class seems to be about "being cool". NOT an attitude that sits well with me. Okay, enough venting.
I feel pumped and envigorated after the class.

  • Calories: 2031 From fat:749.57 (72.05g, 36.91%), From Carbs:855.75 (185.07g, 42.13%), Protein:425.68 (92.06g, 20.96%)
  • 1h 00m
  • 3.56 miles
  • 16m 51s /Mi

*30 mins of running at 4.2 mph
*Remaining 30 mins = recovery as well as walking with 6-7% incline to stay at the top of Z2.
Polar says I burned 542 calories, so I don't feel bad about being about 200 over on my target for today... tough to eat properly while on a long airplane flight.

  • 10m


  • ABS - General

60 - Crunches, regular
40 - Crunches, knees up
03 - Planks, 30 seconds, each

Ooo, the Scottsdale, AZ LTF is sweet...

Heading to Phoenix this morning. Back home on Friday. I picked up about two pounds last week - grrr. However, this week should be better since I will have access to decent workout facilities and a lot more freedom in my schedule.

  • Calories: 2011 From fat:476.15 (54.09g, 23.68%), From Carbs:1012.51 (258.8g, 50.35%), Protein:522.34 (133.51g, 25.97%)
  • 2h 36m
  • 35.74 miles
  • 13.75 Mi/hr

Home-CR Dam-Elm Creek
17 mph steady with 23 mph gusts!!
Auntie Em... Auntie Em...

Had a great time at last night's game. And, Purdue won the game quite easily. I didn't get to bed until after 1:00 AM, which is WAY past my typical bedtime. I allowed myself to sleep in until 8 AM, and I woke up with a bit of a headache and a slightly scratchy throat! To have a headache and to not have had anything to drink - boo.

I have my faithful steed, Artemis, all pumped up and ready to head out the door for a mid-length ride as soon as I check in for tomorrow's flight (I need to wait another 40 minutes). So, I am puttering around the house a bit, blogging, etc.

Oh, I am SO psyched... I found out the LifeTime fitness has a facility not too far from where I will be staying this week... it looks as if I will have NO trouble staying active while on the road!!!

  • Calories: 2337 From fat:611.21 (69.61g, 26.15%), From Carbs:1397.05 (357.98g, 59.78%), Protein:328.74 (84.24g, 14.07%)
  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

It is so wonderful to be home for a couple of days!
I did some power walking at JC Penney's this morning to pick out a new outfit for my presentation on Thursday. I found an outfit that I like, and everything was on an "early bird" sale!
I was thrilled that the pants were 16W. Granted, the size ends in a "w", but it starts with a "16"!! The jacket is a straight 18, no "w"!! And, I went for a tailored, show off my waistline cut. Very different for me... I typically don't try to accentuate my waist, but now that I actually have an hourglass figure going on (a very full hourglass, but an hg, just the same), I figured that I might as well make the best of it. Besides, I will be presenting with three guys... need to make sure that we women make a strong statement!

Then, I decided that Chelsea and I should go walking in the park, maybe a 30 minute walk or so. I made the mistake of answering my cell phone when my mom called (she LOVES to talk, and talk, and talk). By the time we hung up, I had no idea where we were in the park. So... the 30 minute walk turned into a 90 minute walk, with me carrying Chelsea for at least 20 minutes of it, and pulling about a dozen sand burrs from her feet and legs. Good thing she only weighs 15 pounds! I truly believe that I am going to have to buy a little jogging stroller for her so that she can hang with me on long walks.

Tonight, I am hooking up with a friend to go to the Purdue-Minnesota football game. She graduated from Purdue, and I fell in love with them while I was living in Indiana. Besides, you have to cheer for fellow engineers, don't you??

  • Calories: 1842 From fat:548.45 (67.88g, 29.77%), From Carbs:890.16 (247.88g, 48.33%), Protein:403.39 (112.33g, 21.9%)
Hooray!  I get to fly home early this afternoon.  If all goes according to plan, I will be back in my home by dinner time.  Think good thoughts about great weather between Atlanta and Minneapolis.

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