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  • Martial Arts - Tai Chi
  • 05m

Today's plan:
* I see Dr. Chin for more needles and herbs this afternoon
* As long as the body responds well, I will then be running after work - hopefully outside

TAPER - rest day

    • 30m
    • 1156.00 meters
    • 02m 36s /100 meters

    Stroke felt great, concentrated on stabbing the water with my hands and then gliding.

    • 1h 30m
    • 20.75 miles
    • -----

    Today's plan: swimming over lunch, biking tonight

    My April challenge goals have been met!
    2 hrs swim
    4 hrs run
    6 hrs bike

    I have to admit, that I subscribe to the Jillian Michael's newsletter. What can I say, she is hot, and I would love to have a body like hers {sigh}. I loved her motivational thoughts for today:
    Getting Back on the Wagon

    It happens — you miss a few workouts in a row because of a late night at the office and suddenly your weight-loss efforts seemed derailed. It's tempting to mentally slap yourself around, isn't it? Well, chill out! Being hard on yourself is the old you, remember?
    Now, you know to take setbacks in stride and get right back on that wagon. You wouldn't think of wasting even a minute to beat up on yourself. After all, there are no mistakes, just learning experiences. Weight loss is a process and every process takes time. You will encounter small failures — everybody does! Remember, every pound you gain can be lost.
    If you miss a workout, it's not the end of the world! Get to the gym the next day and continue to focus on your short-term goals. Just because you made bad choices today doesn't mean you can't start over tomorrow. I know it sounds trite, but every day is truly a new beginning

    Rest day, per plan
    • 1h 45m
    • 25.00 miles
    • 14.29 Mi/hr

    Endurance ride

    • 47m
    • 1600.00 meters
    • -----

    800m / 22 min - freestyle
    800m / 25 min - breast stroke
    Nice, easy swim

    • 10m


    • GENERAL -

    Crunches - various = 200
    Medicine ball toss 2 x 25

    Sport #1
    • Martial Arts - Qi Gong
    • 05m

    What a treat! Chelsea and I walked the Coon Rapids Dam trail and we encountered a dozen deer. We stopped to watch them for about 10 minutes... they sniffed the air, saw us, and most of the herd continued to graze... just beautiful. Even after Chelsea barked, they just kept eating - yeah, we're really threatening!

    Sport #2
    • Walking
    • 50m

    What a treat! Chelsea and I walked the Coon Rapids Dam trail and we encountered a dozen deer. We stopped to watch them for about 10 minutes... they sniffed the air, saw us, and most of the herd continued to graze... just beautiful. Even after Chelsea barked, they just kept eating - yeah, we're really threatening!

    I wussed out of today's outdoor biking event... I woke up at 5 AM so that I could start getting ready, and I checked the weather... 20 degrees........ um, nope...... < 32 degrees is just insanity. So, I talked with Dawn and we decided to go to an indoor cycling class, instead. Next weekend is the first triathlon of the season - no sense in being sick before that event.

    I also need to make sure that I am training properly for my A race of the season - an Oly on August 9th. So, I have imported a 16 week Olympic plan: 2xSwim, 3xBike, 2xRun. Based on the plan, someone needs to go swimming this afternoon...

      • Walking
      • 40m

      I went with some friends to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Festival, which features films that have won at Sundance, etc. I joined them for a movie entitled, Nerakhoon (The Betrayel), a documentary that was filmed over a 23 year period, following a Laotion refuge family. As if that wasn't enough to bring tears, the co-director, who was the eldest son of the Laotian family, talked with us after the movie had finished... tears were just streaming down my face while we talked. Incredible what we did to Laos, what we did to the refugees, what the refugees faced when they made it to the states, and the incredible strength of this man and his family.
      Explain my sanity... I just spent a week in beautiful California... came home to MN... and woke up to an inch of snow on the ground!!!

      These past few months have been a bit challenging for me from the standpoint of motivation, and time to train. I feel as if I have "floated" for a bit, and now need to start getting serious, again. I suppose that is what the off-season is for??? As a "driver" personality, it is difficult to shift into first gear, rather than wanting to red-line the tach. But, physically, this was probably the best thing for me to do.

      Today, since I do not have any business trips for a good month, is my day to get back on plan. I rejoined WW to get a handle on my caloric intake and food choices. By doing the the "core" plan, I force myself to eat healthy, fresh, minimally-processed foods. The program has worked for me both of the other times that I have done it. It was funny, when I entered today's weight, the online tool had remembered my starting weight from 10 months ago, and congratulated me on losing > 10% of my starting weight. Sweet... good way to motivate me, right off the bat!

      I am also rethinking my longterm goals. I spent time this past week re-reading my book that discusses Qi, how to build it, how to store it, how to conserve it, how to circulate it, and how to share it. It is the conserving Qi part that is the greatest risk for me, and has always been. So, I will continue to move forward, but I also need to evaluate WHY I think I need to do a full IM. I believe that a HIM will be the best distance for me, with time... I just need to continue a steady progression on my running skills.

      I also had fun using Qi on Thursday night when Dawn and I had a slumber party in the hotel in Anaheim. I introduced her to Reiki, and she is very definitely sensitive to Qi, and very definitely needed some work on her knee... it is funny, I told her that I could really feel the energy pouring through my palms when I was working on her right knee... she then told me that it was her bad knee... funny how trusting the universe to guide you in the right direction works.

        Flight was delayed by almost three hours... at least Dawn and I were traveling together... made it a MUCH more pleasant experience.  While waiting in the terminal we talked with the cutest young gal from Shanghai, who has been going to HS in the States, and was on her way to Columbus, OH to check out a college.  She is going to go far...
        Sport #1
        • Martial Arts - Qi Gong
        • 05m
        Sport #2
        • Walking
        • 1h 00m

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