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Riding Big Red on the Trainer due to hail and thunderstorms in the surrounding area... {sigh}

Yup, I definitely think the sugar is to blame for magnifying the effects of the botanical garden pollen...

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Wralked the path at Coon Creek Lion's park. Used RPE, did not check distance. I ran, for the fun of running.
Lungs had a tough time for a while until I realized that I COULD (and did) run more slowly...
Knee is slightly cranky, but it did not bother me while running - so it is now time to use the foam roller.
Walk: WU/CD 12 mins
Run: 24 mins

I am starting to wonder if my horrible allergic attack was self-induced... I have eaten VERY little sugar, and "white" these past two days, on a hunch... I am feeling MUCH less congested right now, without any help from Benadryl... hmmm... I pretty much let my hair down (hah!) over the weekend with respect to munching on chocolate... Mom & I have the same love of dark chocolate - okay, ANY kind of chocolate... and we encouraged the habit in one another... just wondering if it was a massive shock to my system, coupled with the pollen... resulting in a huge allergy attack...

The extra sleep, yesterday, did wonders. I am still congested, but I have MUCH more energy (at least I do, this morning!). I will take my running clothes with me to work, and try the treadmill over lunch - test out the knee, and maybe move some congestion.

Crikey - the botanical garden wedding was beautiful, but my allergies have just been raging since Saturday night.  At least the sore throat has disappeared.  I took 1/2 day of sick time and came home early from work to sleep for a couple of hours.  Tonight will be an early-to-bed night, as well.  {sigh} 

had a great time in MA this past weekend... The wedding was beautiful, and I was able to spend time with relatives I do not see very often. I will be catching up with everyone later today.

As a bit of a scare - a tornado came through my neighborhood while I was out of town... it hadn't quite touched down when it went past my apt - just some missing fascia on buildings, shingles missing, snapped trees (small diameter). However, the neighborhood from which I moved last year was nailed. None of the houses were destroyed (I live in Coon Rapids, not Hugo), thankfully, but MANY of the very old trees were completely uprooted in many of the yards. Fortunately, my ex's house and trees made it through just fine, even though the next door neighbor lost two huge trees - one landing on the corner of their house. And, I checked on my future house, and it came through the storm without any consequences.

  • Health data: Sick: 4
  • Walking
  • 1h 30m

  • Walking
  • 1h 30m

Hey, pushing grandma in her wheelchair on the crushed gravel path at Old Sturbridge Village MUST count for some great activity minutes!

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