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The past 5 days were "minimal computer usage" days... I will need to catch up on a few things, hopefully tonight!
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Ah, felt great to be on the bike. Tried a new route, which was good on the outbound, but a bit weird on the inbound.

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Dying Bugs

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Happy Independence Day!!! 



One may call me absolutely insane, but I am going to go forward with next weekend's Olympic triathlon - my first effort at that distance.   I psyched myself up for it while driving over to the massage last night.

1. I was able to swim 1/2 mile with no consequences, and without overwhelming my back.  I have done mile long swims on other occasions, just not in the past few months.  At most, I will put in maybe 400-600 meters within the next 5-7 days, to keep the muscle memory, but not overdo anything.

2. Biking will not be a problem - it is only 26 miles.  I will do a couple of 20-30 milers this weekend (I am off work for the next five days!!) just to make sure the legs are ready to go.

3. Running - that is the challenge.  The two miles I did on Sunday felt great - no consequences.  I reminded myself that I walked half of the run during my first sprint triathlon in 2005.  I am in much better shape, and I WILL be successful next week Saturday.

4. My back IS doing better, and I will be spending plenty of time with my foam roller, epsom salt baths, core work, and stretching this week.  Plus, I scheduled a massage for the Tuesday following the race.

5. Sometimes you just need to suck it up.  I volunteered for this race the last three years - it is now time for me to do it.  I have dreamed of moving up to Olympic distance, and now it is time to make that dream a reality.

6. How else do you get that close to Pro Triathletes?

7. Athena class, baby!!  We and the Clydes start after the Pros and Elite amateurs hit the water

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