• 1h 15m
  • 28.00 kms
  • 22.40 KM/hr

Nice little ride with my wife again, weather was too gorgeous to go swim tonight

Tonight is Master's night, not much besides that on tap. I did some stretching again this morning to try to get that ITB back on the track for Sunday's Du.

  • 1h 18m 11s
  • 40.47 kms
  • 31.06 KM/hr

Gorgeous weather to ride :) So I went for a quick 40k before diner.

  • Stretching
  • 15m
Foam rolling and some stretching for my ITB this morning instead of going out and run by this GORGEOUS (Gorgeous for me at least, sunny with no winds and 38F) morning I just hope that this freaking ITB will heal fast  
I went to my chyro yesterday and he gave me the permission to run but nothing more then 10k. I could have gone this morning but I was scared to hurt myself again and with the Duathlon Sunday I figured it was not a good time I will probably run a little bit Thursday morning to see how the legs feels.

  • 45m
  • 1400.00 meters
  • -----

200 breast
200 free
4 * 100 free
400 free
200 breast

  • 47m 06s
  • 14.87 kms
  • 18.94 KM/hr

Little ride with my wife, her first ride of the year

Today I will hit the pool during lunch break, and that is about it. Oh I almost forgot, I will suffer on the foam roller too at some point ;)

  • 2h 25m 46s
  • 70.52 kms
  • 29.03 KM/hr

It never really warmed up, but a guy has to do what he has to do ;)

As soon as it warms up I will get out and ride. I hope the ITB won't get pissed at me on the bike too!

  • 25m
  • 750.00 meters
  • -----

I swam around 25 minutes and according to google map more or less 750 meters. Water was freezing, I'd say 55 maybe. The worst was my face, it was really cold the first time I put it in the water.

I am not sure if it's because the water was cold or because I was swimming faster than usual but I had way less breath than I normally do while swimming.

  • 1h 45m
  • 17.75 kms
  • 05m 55s /KM

Long run moved from tomorrow to today since I anted to go swim OW this afternoon and I wanted to have a long ride tomorrow. Lets see if I will get everything done now ;)

The ITBand made itself clear that it was still unhappy with last week PR :p

Here's a pic from the OWS. You can look in my album to see more of them :)


  • 1h 15m
  • 1600.00 meters
  • -----

200 breast
6 * 200 free
200 breast

As much as I like being in the pool that early, the day seems a bit longer :p

  • 50m 20s
  • 8.45 kms
  • 05m 58s /KM

Little run to test the legs after Sunday's

I am happy with the legs but my left knee did hurt for the entire run, I am not happy about this. I will call and see my PT ASAP, this knee has to be back in business fast, I have a race next week :p

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