See Dr. Turner. She fixed me up good, but it kills me. I am so tired afterward that I had to nap for an hour! Still feeling woozy!
  • 4h 40m
  • 43.20 kms
  • 06m 28s /KM

Challenge Penticton.
Felt like crap at around the time I ate some crappy watermelon. Not happening again!

Ok, so I  got up, with the team and headed down to the start. Haz hit the water and it was a choppy swim. So we waited and waited, then out of nowhere haz appears!! Yeah! Then Leah the Hammer drops it in R for race and heads out the gates flying on her bike! I head back and try to sleep. Not happening so out to subway for a sub. Figured that we were going in for 2ish then, the text from hell comes it! ITS FLAT ON RICHTER! Haz and I are freaking out cause the DOC must be fucking laying down the fastest bike I have seen...were texting back your amazing and holy crap your fast...then she clears it up  with...I GOT A FLAT!!! ON RICHTER....ohhhhhh. Text change to YOu can do it Go!!! HAZ asked her if she needed help but he was an hour away!!!! Oh well. She changes flat and hammers on! YEAH!!!! Well Mike Myers is a super funny guy and me trying to sleep watching that guy on the boob tube is not the best thing in the world! So I married and axe murderer is funny shit! Well, I loose track of time and am eating a banana when we get a text hey guys i'm 20k out! OH SHIT! Out the door and to the transition area! YEAH THE DOC IS IN!!! we exchange the chip and I head out...or do I! I come back and ask her if I should go now? She kind of yells at me GO!!!! So off I go running...way to fast but I slow down. For old times sake, I am in a NEW pair of shoes...who rolls with "those" guys anyway!~!! HAZ rolls up on his pretty little bike and slaps my ass at around 15k and I am feeling pretty good time is good! I hit the turn around at 2:05 and text that I am fucking rocking it and heading back!!! YEAH BABY..I am passing people left right and centre! Well not that fast but coming in for my 4 hour Mary at a good time. Then I hit K 30, feeling pretty good Ill take some of that watermelon for a refreshing change....pop one into my mouth down the hatch next one in the mouth and it hits me...these are not refreshing at all...they taste raunchy...yuck spit one out wash it out with coke and gel and try to forget about it....welll......32k...boom! Yup stomach turns but I try to walk it out and run. Walk and run walk and run walk and run...Text wheels falling off Im done!...put phone away and just try and recover. coke and water coke water gel aid station to aid station...just get it done! Head down......whats that I hear cow bell I see the HAZ! Since Ironman has left...the race course is dead and not many spectators no music nothin! BUT SEEING THE HAZ LIFTED MY SPIRITS IN SUCH A WAY I RECOVERED ENOUGH TO FINISH stronger. Stopped to help a guy get going again but that was it...just walked the rest of the aid stations. Hammered the last k and finished strong with my GREAT team! WAY TO GO! Welcome to the puking!

  • 27m 20s
  • 5.30 kms
  • 05m 09s /KM

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