• 1h 30m 30s
  • 28.80 miles
  • 19.09 Mi/hr

Rode from home to the juvenile detention center, twice. I just like to watch them giving each other tiny little prison tattoos.
1h in zone 2
20 minutes in zone 4 (OUCH)
10 minutes in zone 2

  • 1h 00m
  • 2734.03 yards
  • 02m 12s /100 yards

It's a beautiful day at the outdoor pool. I really didn't feel fast today, very sluggish in the water.
I ended up cutting the workout after an hour. Ugh.
500 warm up
400 drills (fist, one arm, catchup)

I got The Jersey Shore video game, but I suck at it.

  • 1h 00m 38s
  • 18.87 miles
  • 18.67 Mi/hr

Valve stem failed, so I had to change my front tube in the garage before I could go for this ride.

  • 30m
  • 3.32 miles
  • 09m 02s /Mi

Transition run. I felt really fatigued to start, but I settled into a nice groove.

This might be my next bike purchase. What do you think?

  • 1h 00m 01s
  • 7.01 miles
  • 08m 34s /Mi

4 Intervals of 6:00 with 2:00 jog. I couldn't get much speed on the 3rd for some reason. My HR was spiking too easily. The 4th interval was better, so I don't know what the deal was.

Also, 4 different nurses almost ran me over this morning. One of them was Becca! What the hell, beeks?!!

  • 50m
  • 2750.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

I voted today. Did you?

Learn about chemistry and the Saints at my blog.

Rest day. Yesterday afternoon my left knee swole up something fierce. It ached in the lower-outer quadrant, and the back was tight; I couldn't straighten my lower leg for a while. I iced and elevated, and it felt better before bed. Today it feels fine, but I think that 43 miles in one week might be a breakthrough. Hopefully, I can manage this week without too much more pain.
I should have worn my compression socks, like Elliot. His fit so nice; I wonder what size they are.
  • 2h 15m
  • 15.00 miles
  • 09m /Mi

I saw Mel, Kerri, and Dave at the lake. AND there is water in the lake!!

Crazy how round the numbers are, but it's true.

2h in Zone 2
10 minute zone 4 sprint
5 minutes cool down
You can see the sprint pretty well in the graph.

  • 35m
  • 8.00 miles
  • 13.71 Mi/hr

Easy spin around TTL after the run. Easy easy.

Bike #1
  • 4h 00m
  • 75.00 miles
  • 18.75 Mi/hr

I saw elliot; he was on an epic date with his new girlfriend. They were going to the lake to lay out and rub exotic oils on each other.
At hour 3, someone mentioned that everything fell out of my bike bag. I stopped short with no hand signal and caused a crash. I went down, but I have no scrapes, not sure how that happened. The other guy didn't fare as well. We all decided to cut the ride and run short.

Run #1
  • 30m
  • 3.24 miles
  • 09m 16s /Mi

I didn't have a gps so I tagged along with someone who only wanted to do 30:00.

Bike #2
  • 1h 00m
  • 18.02 miles
  • 18.02 Mi/hr

Headed to the gym, determined to finish this planned workout. Typing this from the spin bike.
134 avg watts

Run #2
  • 30m
  • 3.29 miles
  • 09m 07s /Mi

Treadmill at the gym.
What a broken day. I must stay positive and overcome these issues.

  • 1h 00m 14s
  • 3390.20 yards
  • 01m 46s /100 yards

Lake Pleasant swim with 2 fish and a tween in a kayak. Distance is a complete guess. Beautiful sunrise this morning. I love Fall.

  • 1h 30m
  • 9.59 miles
  • 09m 23s /Mi

I swam at dawn, so I had to run at lunch.
Target HR 150 for 1:20, then 10 minutes at 170-180 bpm.
It was sunny and warm, but not too hot. All in all, I give it an A-.

F you, Congress.  That is a BIG pay cut next year. This is NOT cool.

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