• 5h 02m 26s
  • 93.21 miles
  • 18.49 Mi/hr

Tempe-Beeline and around, then back. Target HR was 140. I felt great.
This might be the last loooong brick in the heat.

  • 45m
  • 4.70 miles
  • 09m 34s /Mi

100F for this run. No shade, harsh. I felt pretty good, though. Garmin died at 26:00, so I estimated the rest.
Never buy a Garmin 405. It's shit.

  • 1h 30m 01s
  • 9.76 miles
  • 09m 13s /Mi

I felt great during this run. A bit of pain in my knee, which may be weather changing.
Here's the suck part: I had a sneeze fit in the shower, about 10 minutes of straight sneezing. This happens during Spring and Fall allergy season; it's no fun. Anyway, I think I strained my lower back sneezing! I can't bend over now, and it's really uncomfortable to walk.
Someone call me a Waaaa-mbulance.

  • 48m 30s
  • 2296.59 yards
  • 02m 07s /100 yards

Back hurts so I took it slow, and no flipturns.
500 warm up
5x 200
6x 100

  • 1h 30m 13s
  • 27.80 miles
  • 18.49 Mi/hr

Meant to take it easy, but I zone 5'ed it up the big hill just to wake up. I'm super groggy this morning.
I saw Becca at the end of my ride. She rocks. Go say hi to her.

  • 1h 12m 22s
  • 3390.20 yards
  • 02m 08s /100 yards

500 warm up
400 breast (oof)
6x (50, 100, 150)
100 drills
300 easy

  • 45m 19s
  • 13.90 miles
  • 18.40 Mi/hr

I tried to keep things easy, like I want to do all week. I pushed a bit more than I wanted, but that's fine. ...stayed in aero as much as possible.

  • 30m 08s
  • 3.33 miles
  • 09m 03s /Mi

Transition run. I felt really good on this run. 3 cars almost killed me. Kids are definitely back in school.

Newbz is much faster than me.  That is all.

  • 1h 15m
  • 7.37 miles
  • 10m 11s /Mi

The good news here is that this same run would have been at 155 Avg HR 4 months ago. Aerobic progress!
Every bit of last week was hills, heat, speed, or windy. This week I'm doing 17 hours of easy miles. That's just how it's going to be.

  • 1h 00m
  • 2843.39 yards
  • 02m 07s /100 yards

500 warm up
400 (breast, free)
400, 400, 400, 400
100 ...looked down, saw and hour, quit.

 Rest day after yesterday's experiment in heat training. Time to gather my thoughts and reset for the Peak 5 weeks.  Meanwhile I'm picking out a race kit. What do you think about this?
If you want to read the same story again, but with 2 extra pictures:

  • 35m
  • 2100.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Swim at Lake Pleasant in my wetsuit. Felt awesome!

  • 2h 59m 35s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 18.71 Mi/hr

Rode from Lake Pleasant to Stetson Valley, via Anthem and Norterra.I think this is the exact time I put up at Mountain Man. In hindsight I pushed way too hard on this ride. It was HOT and it was WINDY.

  • 1h 16m 09s
  • 6.55 miles
  • 11m 38s /Mi

This is me DNF'ing the F out of my 70.3 simulation workout. It was 100F by this point, and I didn't think it was safe to continue. Oh well, live and learn.

This is what it looks like when I run/walk/puke:

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