• 1h 30m 01s
  • 9.18 miles
  • 09m 49s /Mi

Easy long run. Nothing hurt, but the throat is still sore. It was a nice run.

  • 1h 02m 47s
  • 3280.84 yards
  • 01m 55s /100 yards

I played with breathing every 3rd stroke instead of every 2. I haven't done 3rd stroke in years. I kind of like it.

500m warm up 10:39 (3 stroke)
400m 7:41 (2 stroke)
400m 7:20 (3 stroke)
400m 7:21 (2 stroke)
400m 7:22 (3 stroke)
400m 7:34 (2 stroke)
500m cool down 10:11 (3 stroke)

I've got this feeling like my week is busted, but I've only dropped one workout, a swim. I guess I'm holding up better than I thought.

I just signed up for this 112 mile supported ride.

...and this 4000m swim.

  • 1h 31m
  • 31.00 miles
  • 20.44 Mi/hr

Work to Carefree Hwy to Cave Creek to Deer Valley to work.
I didn't have much time, so I did my best to ride fast.
Cold feels better already.

I feel a cold coming on, sore throat, fatigue, muscle aches. I'll admit two of those I have all the time, but the sore throat is new. Anyway, I decided it would be better to sleep than to ride 90 minutes this morning.

  • 58m 20s
  • 15.66 miles
  • 16.11 Mi/hr

151 avg Watts
Cycling class at LA Fitness. This was a nice change.

  • 30m
  • 3.28 miles
  • 09m 09s /Mi

Looking for variety, I jumped on the treadmill at the gym and watched Knocked Up. I love that movie.

  • 1h 02m
  • 3100.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

500 warm up
400 drills (one arm, catch up, dps)
300 cool down (3-stroke breathing)

  • 1h 00m
  • 6.09 miles
  • 09m 51s /Mi

Noon run from the office. It was quite warm and no shade.
I took it easy to see how the foot felt, and it's definitely better. 48 hours can heal all wounds.

Rest day.  Left foot hurts.
Busy day at work.

42 miles of running last week. I know I can sustain that volume for a couple more weeks. Little injuries are popping up.

I wrote up some thoughts.
  • 2h 30m
  • 16.37 miles
  • 09m 10s /Mi

Long run with Fitzy. Thank you, Tom. This would have been miserable without you.
Longest run I've ever done.

  • 5h 40m
  • 101.00 miles
  • 17.82 Mi/hr

LONG solo ride in the damn hills. I wanted to get at least one solo century done, and I'm glad it's over. Only stopped once, to restock bottles.

  • 1h 02m
  • 6.30 miles
  • 09m 50s /Mi

Transition run. The first mile was AGONY. My knees felt like they would burst. That pain went away, and the rest of the run was cruising. I'm pretty happy about it.

Here is the bike route. It's a fun course, except going North on New River Road with the headwind is really daunting.

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