I am doing what I can. I have ate 3/4 of a bowl of dry cereal since yesterday morning. I have this huge sore in my stomach and it isn't going away. I am trying to pick myself up but I am doing a shitty job of it. All I want to do is sit and cry. I need to run for the race next month but I haven't ate. I have been crying all day and I can't focus. I could barely pull myself out of bed this morning.

I listed my bikes. I have multiple offers on my tri bike. Some interest on the fat tire. Swing sold - it will be picked up tonight. I listed engagement rings and wedding bands, and his wedding band.

Once again I am hurting and he is just skating away.
since I made up Sunday's run yesterday not sure if I will run today's run or not. Will see if I can get it done during lunch.

And for the second time in 3 weeks Chris has walked out on me. He was "working on it" with me this past week in secret and today I left for work before him. He told me he loved me, he kissed me and as soon as I was out of the house he cleaned it out.

I am so stupid for believing in him.
  • 32m
  • 2.07 miles
  • 15m 27s /Mi

W2D3 (made up from yesterday)
5 min warm up walk
1.5 min run/2 min walk (did all intervals at 5.2, the last half of the last 2 min walk I did at 5.3)
5 min cool down walk.

Felt good getting off the TM. And of course raining as I went to the gym, sunny when I came out.

Since I didn't get my run in yesterday - I will try it at lunch today.

Off day - recovering from last night. Bear Paw is an annual "fair" in our small town that brings in a lot of rides, food, vendors, etc. This year by the main stage they also brought in 5 beer vendors for a beer garden. Chris and I went down and walked around about noon. Grabbed some lunch and had a beer in the garden. Met up about 5 with some of the friends he has from the gym classes he goes to. The girls were a hoot - glad I got to meet them and then Matthew's girlfriend's parents were there and we had a good time with them as well. We stayed and drank WAY TO MUCH until we went and had food at 1130. Got out of there about 1230 and then went home. It was a fun night, without having to worry about anything and just having a good time.

What we learned from last night - too old or too out of practice for drinking the night away. But I am telling you Apple cider from a local cider making place was so easy to go down. I paid for it today.

We got up and did some errands and lunch and came home and fell asleep on the couch again. We had quite the lazy day. But we had a lot of fun on Saturday.
  • 51m 52s
  • 6.20 miles
  • 7.17 Mi/hr

Chris ran and I biked. He dropped his phone numerous times and I had to walk one hill when it was a series of 5 hills at once.

  • Walking
  • 2h 00m

Bear Paw festival from noon til midnight.

  • 32m
  • 2.08 miles
  • 15m 23s /Mi

TM inside again -
5 min walk - warm up
1.5 min run / 2 min walk - x6
(last walk interval - I walked the first minute, ran the second minute)
5 min walk - cool down
**waited to get 15 sec to 32 min even.

Run today.

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