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  • 6.20 miles
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Not terrible but I broke it up. 2 miles outside - cell said 82 so I thought ok - turned out it was 93 and full sun. Stomach started to turn at 1.3 but pushed to 2. Hard a hard time feeling upright when I got back. Came in to cool air. Took a short break, gatoraide, beans, water and got on the TM for 2 more. Had some lower back pain - not sure what was up. Took a break - more nutrition and got on and did the final 2.2 after about 1/2 hour.

6.2 today - After todays run it brought to light I need to run during the week and I need to stop drinking diet soda. More water. Less soda.

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  • 1h 00m

Finally a chance to do a birthday lunch with friend Jean. Her birthday was in June but with me travelling we never got a chance to celebrate. So outlet mall shopping and dinner out. What a great day. Ton of walking.

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  • 30m

Need to get back on track. 4 miles today.
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  • 30m

4.5 mile run this evening. Not sure I am emotionally ready for it.

Hand appt with Neuro this morning for EMG & NCS. Told me the numbness in my right hand is most likely permanent (I was advised that from the beginning but it sucks to know for sure). Pain and numbness that comes in goes is most likely not coming from elbow but more from a possible entrapment in wrist. So MRI is scheduled next - they are thinking this due to the pain/numbness went away with surgery and is now back. Medial nerve is better this year after carpal tunnel surgery almost 2 years ago. Tested L hand and elbow. Passed all but 1 test. No problem there except for very few bouts of numbness.

So not what i was wanting to hear. I wanted something that we can fix. I bowled in AK and my fingers that are numb swelled so bad they hurt for a few days. Now I am dealing with pain this afternoon from the tests they did this morning. And for what? Sad.
  • 20m

3000 pushup challenge - 135/day

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