• Walking
  • 45m

Walking - body not happy yet.

This week continues to get worse and worse. Body now doesn't want to keep any food in it. I am not sleeping. 2 hours each of the past two nights. And a lovely rash/blisters... Nice.

4.5 mile run attempt tonight. No promises.

  • Elliptical Training
  • 20m
Will try to do something tonight. Didn't get a run in last night. Laid down and fell asleep when I got back to the hotel. Awake at 8pm until 4am and then sleep until 7am. :(

4.5 mile run tonight. Will see how it goes. Was "kicked in the teeth this morning" and just over all feeling beat up. Guess AK isn't any better this time around.
  • 1h 15m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 10m 42s /Mi

Spitting rain from the beginning. Mid 50s for temps. Long sleeve shirt over short sleeve shirt and my skirt. Took off long sleeve top at 3.25 and got chomps and gatorade. Stopped again for more at 5.25 and then finished it up. Struggled the entire time after 3 but longest run in about 2 weeks since last week was a low mileage week. Probably pay for it with another run on the schedule tomorrow but will see how it goes.

Spent most of the weekend "unplugged" - needed it - late to bed, late to get up but just what the doctor ordered I think. One more week in AK and I head home on the red eye on Friday night/Saturday morning. Haven't done anything here that I couldn't have done from home.

  • Walking
  • 45m
Another lazy day - got up for brunch with some girlfriends and then shopping at the mall. Got a pair of Miss Me Jeans - goodness - the same jeans that my 16 yo neighbor girl wears. Guess it is time to focus on eating healthy since bling on the butt doesn't help.

Then this afternoon - I felt like I could vomit. I spent most of the afternoon and evening in the bathroom. 7 mile run yesterday that got pushed to today got pushed until tomorrow.

  • Bowling
  • 1h 30m
Slept in and then went to see Despicable Me2 and then Neon bowling with friends and their children. Can tell the hand is not pleased. By the end of the night - 5 games we played in 2.5 hours my fingers were swollen it was hard to keep them in the ball :( Neurologist appt on the 10th can't come soon enough.

  • Walking
  • 45m

Went to 7 Glaciers for dinner with friends. Up the Tram for a nice dinner (it was fungus festival - YUM!) and had mushroom risotto, halibut with green beans and fingerling potatoes and beignets for dessert with a caramel rum sauce - I passed on the rum sauce - since it was more rum them caramel. YUM!

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