• 22m

Phase 1 (W1) Full Body 2

Sport #1
  • Lawn Mowing
  • 27m 39s

I had a company come in and mow the majority of the large area. This was just the fenced in back and the other side of the front. They brought in a huge zero turn and it was awesome for them to finish it in 10 min that I take over an hour to push.

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 31m 23s

1.55 mile with Koda. Got out late due to lawn mowing and then I got stopped by a mom and 5 kids (approx 9-10) that wanted to pet Koda but they were scared he would bite. Finally after a while we got them to all pet him.

So.. met with my new therapist Catherine this morning by phone. First true session tomorrow at noon (so different from Alaska when you ask for as soon as possible and you get 3 weeks from now).

She tells me to breath - deep breath and then to remember the factual information. Him not showing up is not on me - this is on him. It wasn't as she put it "peace out have a good one" it was sat down and talked about and discussed and planned. Then he decided for whatever reason (not me) to not come.

Another Full body circuit and a walk with Koda later. Also need to try to figure out a time to mow the lawn. At least the back is looking long.

  • 44m 35s
  • 3.13 miles
  • 14m 17s /Mi

So this was a mess - was to be C25K W3D1 and of course during the warm up I wanted to take a picture so I messed up. When it said do you want to resume I said sure and it resumed on from last week. So... instead of 5wu walk, 1.5r/w 3r/w x2, 5cd walk it turned into the following:
5 wu walk
1.5r/2.0w x 3 (essentially through the first mile) when I realized it wasn't right
1.5r/w, 3r/w x2
1.5r/w x 3 to finish out shortly before 3 miles
walk until 3.13 (about .17 I think)

  • Walking
  • 46m 38s

2.38 miles with Koda to hit 5.5 miles on May 5th. Corny but oh well.

  • 21m

Phase 1 (W1) Full Body 1

  • Walking
  • 43m 10s

2.30 mile with Koda.

Hid away a lot this weekend. Emotions were all over the place and I am not handling them well. Looking for a new therapist here in Austin today. Hoping it will help.

Start with a new trainer at Trainiac today - this guy actually wants to incorporate my running some so that is a first (this is my 3rd trainer here). Made a reservation on Friday to go check out McKinney Falls state park (nothing better than a state park with a ton of waterfalls).

  • Home Improvement
  • 45m

Trying to fix the broken piece on the spare bed that Matthew used to use to see if I can get the bed put together.

  • 45m 15s
  • 3.12 miles
  • 14m 30s /Mi

Stretched out the C25K W2D3 to do the 2.6 New Balance Challenge and the May 5K challenge on Strava. It was warm between 86 and 90 when I did this.

  • Walking
  • 43m 54s

2.21 mile walk with Koda.

  • Walking
  • 38m 42s

Sanity walk

Didn't sleep well and having a crappy day.

  • Hiking
  • 39m 25s

1.50 miles - but I forgot to turn the watch on, turn the watch off. I sucked at that. But we were out there for almost 1.5 hours but a lot of that was also letting Koda play in the water.

Took last night off and was just lazy. Will get out with the girl from the hiking group tonight.

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