Sport #1
  • Hiking
  • 52m 03s

2.23 mile hike at Blue Hole Park Trail Loop

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 06m 50s

.26 mile jaunt through Patsy Glenn Refuge in Wimberley Texas.

  • Walking
  • 56m 34s

1.70 mile pushing the lawn mower.

  • Walking
  • 57m 57s

3.21 mile walk without Koda. Just too hot.

  • 45m 29s
  • 3.13 miles
  • 14m 32s /Mi

Struggle Bus run - was trying to do the intervals from last night 5/3 but the sun and the heat and the humidity was just too much after a while. Should have gotten out sooner but the meds the doc has me on has been knocking me out at night and haven't been getting up early. Walked the last mile in but there will always be another day to try again.

  • 31m 10s
  • 2.25 miles
  • 13m 51s /Mi

Week5 C25K haven't ran in a while. 5 wu walk, 5r/3w x2 with a 5r at the end, 5 cd walk. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best either.

  • Walking
  • 12m 09s

.63 mile cool down after run. was going to add on with Koda but he decided the little girls in the neighborhood throwing the ball for him was better. :)

Sport #1
  • Walking
  • 54m 58s

2.72 mile walk while talking to my mama on the phone - not any kind of fast :)

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 16m 24s

.82 mile walk with Koda - he tapped out early - think it was too hot.

Spent the morning at the allergist at the hospital. Apparently he also doesn't agree with the tele-doc that tried to tell me dry skin... So 6 tubes of blood later, a script that needs second opinion apparently since that is what they told me when I got to the pharmacy and 2 OTC drugs and we can see if we can get the itch to calm down. It sounds weird to say but when you constantly feel like your skin is crawling it is an awful feeling.

  • Walking
  • 41m 28s

1.61 with Desiree' and Tino (the great dane who had to sniff everything) and Pugsley the fat pug. It was kind of nice to walk in a different place.

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