• 1h 08m 15s
  • 14.40 miles
  • 12.66 Mi/hr

12:35 pm
90, feels like 96, overcast, wind S 20-ish
So I passed on last evening's gravel ride since the wind seemed insane, so today I got out for a solo gravel ride to make up for it, knowing I could go my own pace. Turns out only 5 people showed up anyways. Good ride, love being out all alone in the farmland, but I gotta say, it sure feels good to hit pavement and a smooth ride! No dogs today! Although I did my route to specifically avoid the 2 problem dogs I know of. I also used a different starting spot and drove to it to avoid the fresh chip seal, gonna give that a couple of weeks to settle in before I try riding on it.

  • Calories out: 2382 From lifestyle:1940, From activities:441
  • 1h 16m 20s
  • 15.23 miles
  • 11.97 Mi/hr

9:10 A.M.
75, sunny, wind S 21!
Let's just call this one "character building".... put on the gavel wheels since I'm doing a group gravel ride tomorrow and it's been since the accident since I've done any gravel time, so wanted to get some miles of practice in today. Headed out my usual route and discovered the cyclist's nightmare, NEW CHIPSEAL! I was SUPER glad that I wasn't riding my road wheels, or I would have turned around right there, but since I didn't, I toughed it out and headed out to do my route. Chip seal turned back into pavement and I thought I was in the clear till I saw traffic stopped ahead. Asked the guy with the stop sign if they were doing chip seal and he said yeah, they were just putting down the gravel, it should be done soon. Yeah, I wasn't feeling literal loose gravel, so turned around and tried to salvage the ride. Up till this point I hadn't hit the headwind, and when I turned into it, OMG, it was pretty stiff, a good effort fighting it, so turned around again and headed towards home, but I still hadn't hit any dirt roads, so I went to the one just past my street and at least got few miles of actual gravel riding done. I guess I'm ready for tomorrow??

  • Calories out: 2429 From lifestyle:1936, From activities:494
  • 1h 52m 34s
  • 24.78 miles
  • 13.21 Mi/hr

9:15 a.m.
77, wind SW 9, sunny
Whoo hoo, first time breaking out of the 12 mph rut! That was with hills and wind in my face! Wind wasn't horrible, it actually felt kind of good to dry off some sweat. Had a couple of dog encounters, but nothing too scary. I'm feeling well on track for my upcoming group ride.

  • Calories out: 2643 From lifestyle:1915, From activities:728

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