So the pain in my back/upper butt feels like it may have gotten a little worse?  Now it's pissing me off since HM training was to have begun this week.  But on a good note, I got the go ahead from my dermatologist to start the Humira!!!!  Hopefully I'll get all that in place by the end of they year and I'll be back on my way to no more eye crap!! 

Morning duty this morning, having to stand out in the front parking lot making sure parents don't run over other people's kids... it's 26 feels like 16, UGH!!  I have running tights on under my pants, turtleneck and sweater, and will wear a jacket, down mittens, ear warmer AND a hat and hope that's enough to be out there and not moving around much....  Same crap again tomorrow.....



Man oh man.... I think I'm starting to fall apart!  Not only does my shoulder show no signs of improvement, now I'm having pain in my back, kind of at the top of my butt, sharp pain that makes it feel like my leg wants to give out??!  I've had serious back problems in the past, so I've been very careful and have no idea what I might have done to tweak it, but I'm thinking if I have a bulging disc or something, running is probably NOT good for it. 

Hubby and I have postponed our Seattle trip till June, just decided that temps in the 40's doesn't make hiking in the rain forest very appealing.  And we won't have the time crunch of Christmas so we can stay longer.  I'm actually kind of relieved, I think June will be much better!



Nothing I'm afraid.... spent the day babysitting the youngest grandson (age 15 months), and he is a handful!  He is into everything and isn't the type to sit nicely on your lap and cuddle, no he's gotta be moving... only had about an hour break when he took a nap and I spent that showering and getting the apartment picked up.    Besides, it is freeeeeeeezing cold here!



Well, I had hoped for at least a 2 hour delay this morning, and maybe even school cancellation, but we got nuthin'.  My car was iced all over, and when I got to school I had to "skate" up my ramp.  So it's an indoor movie day, whoo hoo!!!!!   Very cold out.  Luckily it's looking like any rain/mist is going to stop so the drive home should be okay.  Not sure WHEN I'll get out for a run again, the mornings next week are loooking like 21-25 degrees and I have to be to work by 7 for duty outside, ugh!  Hopefully I can bundle up and get out for a run on Sunday.... that is the official start date of my HM training...


So yesterday was in the 80's, and today a super cold front is coming through with a good chance of some freezing rain or sleet into tomorrow... can you cross your fingers for another school delay tomorrow??? 

Had my dermatologist appt yesterday, she took 2 biopsies and froze off some stuff on my face and my hand and we talked a good bit about me going on Humira for my eye crap.  She's going to do some research on it and get back to me on her thoughts about taking an immune suppressant with a history of melanoma before my rheumatology appt next week.  I showed her the zombie eye picture, that seemed to have made a BIG impact!  So here's hoping for good biopsy results and agreement on the Humira!!

I have been sleeping the sleep of the dead when the 4 a.m. alarm has been going off, just could not budge to get out there!  I know, sorry sorry excuses, just haven't been feeling it..... I would say I hope to get back to it next week, but I have early morning duty (7 am) all week, then I'm off to New Orleans for teacher training for 3.5 days, back to school for 3 days then off to Seattle for 5 days forour 30th anniversary trip.... So I probably won't get to anything consistent till after Christmas....  UGH!

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