And I am back from the Big Easy!  It was a good trip, mentally challenging, and I'm glad to be home... wish I had today off to rejuvenate, but nope, off to school on a day the week before Xmas break with a full moon, sure to be lively!  I didn't get to be a tourist too much, most of my time was spent in class, but we did get out into the French Quarter on Sunday evening, had some awesome shrimp and grits followed by a dessert of coffee and beignets at Café du Monde.  Lots of pretty Christmas stuff up too.  But I am definitely glad to be home and have been feeling the itch to get out and run, so a good sign for me!



So I am off to New Orleans, this afternoon, so I am home getting some laundry done.  Hoping to get by with just a carry on, WTF is with charging $25 for a suitcase??  I think that is ridiculous!  I was really thinking about getting a quick run in but all of a sudden it started pouring out...yuk.  My back/butt problems seems to have gone away, maybe I just had a kink or a pinched nerve, in any case I am feeling much better.  The shot arm is still bugging me though, still very painful, swollen and blotchy red down past my elbow.... OMG! 


So I got my last vaccine on Tuesday, a pneumonia vaccine, and OMG, it HURTS!!!!  My arm feels pretty useless, feels like I did about 1000 pushups with just that one arm... taking Tylenol round the clock... I am not a pain weenie, but this is BAD!!  Saw rheumatology yesterday and got my Humira prescription, have to drop it off today and then wait for the authorization to get it to go through, and I can start it in 2 weeks, bye bye eye crap!!! 

Tonight I am babysitting the grandsons so my daughter can go to her work Xmas party, and tomorrow I leave for New Orleans, which honestly I am not looking forward to.  If I had at least one other person from my school that was going it wouldn't be so bad, but travelling all alone??  No one to eat with??  Hopefully my stunning personality will make me some friends!  I land in Killeen at 8:30 on Monday and have to be back at school bright and early on Tuesday morning.... I have a feeling that next week will be a grit your teeth and just survive kind of a week!!


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