• 38m 35s
  • 3.41 miles
  • 11m 18s /Mi

10:30 a.m.
40 feels like 31 -- 73% -- NNW 18 mph
Just suited up and got out there before I could change my mind. Ran the whole thing at whatever pace was happening... HR was high, but I just wanted to get this one logged. Not sure it sparked my motivation, but glad I got it done!

So every year my husband takes it upon himself to do all the Christmas shopping, never bothers to ask if I would like to shop, never asks for any input on what he buys, never asks what out budget might be, and definitely puts me in a Scroogie mood.  So I get to go out today and buy a minimum of things, stuck with shopping for him who wants or needs nothing, and the baby because he didn't want to bother with that.... I always feel a sense of relief when all the holiday hubbub is over....


  • Calories out: 2440 From lifestyle:2105, From activities:335

I didn't realize I've had 3 WEEKS of nuthin' over here, I am such a slug!!  Some of that was due to back pain, but most of it has been due to severe lack of motivation and I seriously hope I can get it back these next couple of weeks!  So today is cold and pouring rain.... I am looking after the oldest grandson while my daughter took the little one to work with her, just found out he has the flu .  Poor little guy, spiking fever, then it drops, then spikes again.  Looks like I may be watching him on Monday if he can't go to daycare....  So Kane and I went Christmas shopping for his Mom and brother and now we are at my house waiting to go out to lunch with Grandpa and then I am taking him to the movies at the movie The-A-ter!  Looking forward to seeing "Frozen", but not looking forward to hordes of kids....


And yes, you are seeing more of the same.... weenieness I tell ya, Xmas weenieness!  Today is party day at school and I think my little ones are wearing pajamas, so can you just imagine how much learning we will be doing today??  I'm caving and showing the end of video they started with the sub on Monday and probably will do the same tomorrow....  hope to be on Christmas break by 2:00 tomorrow!!!


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