Well, I had hoped for at least a 2 hour delay this morning, and maybe even school cancellation, but we got nuthin'.  My car was iced all over, and when I got to school I had to "skate" up my ramp.  So it's an indoor movie day, whoo hoo!!!!!   Very cold out.  Luckily it's looking like any rain/mist is going to stop so the drive home should be okay.  Not sure WHEN I'll get out for a run again, the mornings next week are loooking like 21-25 degrees and I have to be to work by 7 for duty outside, ugh!  Hopefully I can bundle up and get out for a run on Sunday.... that is the official start date of my HM training...


So yesterday was in the 80's, and today a super cold front is coming through with a good chance of some freezing rain or sleet into tomorrow... can you cross your fingers for another school delay tomorrow??? 

Had my dermatologist appt yesterday, she took 2 biopsies and froze off some stuff on my face and my hand and we talked a good bit about me going on Humira for my eye crap.  She's going to do some research on it and get back to me on her thoughts about taking an immune suppressant with a history of melanoma before my rheumatology appt next week.  I showed her the zombie eye picture, that seemed to have made a BIG impact!  So here's hoping for good biopsy results and agreement on the Humira!!

I have been sleeping the sleep of the dead when the 4 a.m. alarm has been going off, just could not budge to get out there!  I know, sorry sorry excuses, just haven't been feeling it..... I would say I hope to get back to it next week, but I have early morning duty (7 am) all week, then I'm off to New Orleans for teacher training for 3.5 days, back to school for 3 days then off to Seattle for 5 days forour 30th anniversary trip.... So I probably won't get to anything consistent till after Christmas....  UGH!

What a messed up day it was yesterday!  Walked into my classroom literally 10 minutes before I had to teach, got set up AND used the bathroom, ha ha!  I felt ragged and rushed all day, and of course my principal showed up to do a walkthrough with of all classes, KINDERGARTEN!!  Thankfully we were doing a movement activity that the kids like....  Spent most of my lunch on the phone to Mini Roadside Assistance trying to find out if a tow truck was going to arrive at 4 pm to get my car, was told they only schedule service 2 hours out and I should get a phone call around 2:00 which of course did not happen... spent another 15 minutes on the phone immediately after school to find out that my work order had disappeared and I had to totally redo my tow request.  FINALLY got a tow truck scheduled, and lucked out that Ron was at home to drive me over to meet it, so dropped my stuff inside the front door, drove Kati's car to her work and jumped in with Ron and the car was put on the tow truck and on it's way to Mini by 5 p.m. last night.  Now to wait until lunchtime to see when it will be ready, hopefully today because tomorrow poses another set of issues to get down there to pick it up...

So I stayed at home last night and Kati is going to pick me up so I can drop her off at her job and I will once again get to school 10 minutes before teaching time.  One grade level will be on a Field Trip so I'll have a nice LONG lunch today, woot!  So I'm thinking of putting out all my holiday/snow singing books for my first 2 grade levels this morning, easy peasy.

Tomorrow is my 4 month dermatology skin check appointment and I get to talk my derm doc into letting me go on Humira for my eyes.  I'll be sure to show her the zombie eye pic for extra effect.... hopefully we can come to a mutual decision on all this crap.... ultimately it's MY decision, but of course I would like her blessing....

I had every intention of getting up for a 5 miler this morning, but since I slept like crap the night before with the baby waking up crying from a bad dream every couple of hours, I opted for sleep.  Maybe tomorrow....



Just talked to the dealership, car will be fixed and ready for pick up this afternoon!!  Yea!!  Some other deal with the fuel system, but should be fixed for good this time, sure HOPE so!!  What a pain in the arse!

We'll my plan was to run this morning, but my damn car broke down yesterday in the grocery store parking lot AGAIN!! And it won't get towed until about 4:00 today since the Mini roadside assistance couldn't find anyone to come tow it to the dealership yesterday. So once again I am having to use my daughters car which means dropping her and the boys where they need to be and she will get to work early and I'll get toy job late. Looks to be the same deal for tomorrow and I can only hope it will get fixed and I can pick it up tomorrow. Same damn problem that was just fixed 2 weeks ago!!!!!!!'

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