• 45m 23s
  • 4.03 miles
  • 11m 15s /Mi

5:10 a.m.
70 -- 79% -- Calm
Finally a decent run! Just ran easy, but didn't have to walk at all, woot! Fairly cool out, but humid of course.

  • Calories out: 2495 From lifestyle:2100, From activities:395
This is feeling like the neverending cold!  I thought it would be gone by this week.... seems like I worked out over the weekend and brought it right back, only worse, still coughing and hacking, stuffy and snotty.  Hope to be back at it again this weekend, and hope it doesn't turn around and come back again!!  I feel like such a slug....
So I THOUGHT the cold was on its way out... nope, stuffy/snotty all night, didn't sleep well, so no go on this morning's swim.  Was gonna run instead, but I just didn't feel it.  Hoping to do something this afternoon if it's not too hot...
  • 2h 15m 46s
  • 36.81 miles
  • 16.27 Mi/hr

7:30 a.m.
68-79 -- HUMID -- ESE 3 mph
Started off early, it was light, but foggy! And so humid my hands were slipping on my aerobars and I had to take off my glasses since they were so fogged up by the humidity. And it was definitely a day for dogs, we probably had 5 or so run at us. But the biggest WTF was when I was coming fast down a slight downhill in the fog and a BOBCAT ran across the road about a foot in front of me! I thought it was just a cat but it was huge, like the size of a medium sized dog!! So we did the hilly route, but it was so foggy we couldn't see the hills, so I almost liked it better, it didn't psych you out by seeing them before you hit them... fog finally burned off about and hour and 15 minutes into the ride, and it was a beautiful morning. Felt much stronger than last weekend, although I was feeling tired after about 25 miles. Doing another one next weekend!

  • Calories out: 3462 From lifestyle:2045, From activities:1416
  • 52m 01s
  • 4.15 miles
  • 12m 32s /Mi

9:00 a.m.
75-81 -- 86-73% -- SSE 5- S 7 mph
Whoo hoo, more run suckage!!!! Took this nice and easy, but it was hard to breathe out there, maybe from the humidity combined with vestiges of my cold. In any case, looks like I am back in the game! Long ride tomorrow, hoping the bike is much better than the run....

  • Calories out: 2458 From lifestyle:2096, From activities:362

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