Feeling much better and I had planned on getting up for a run before school... couldn't do it, I was sound asleep when the alarm went off, which never happens!  Gotta get back to my 4 a.m. wake up and get used to it!!!!  Just found out next week's tri has turned into a duathlon because the lake levels are too low to swim... only they turned the first leg which was  200 yard swim into a 5K run!!  Not exactly the same thing, and with my training not being where it should be, I'm out.  Next race, Oct. 14 tri (pool swim, no way it's turning into a du!).  Glad it's over a month away, time to get consistent!
Yep, cold has settled in my chest, not worth it lingering on and on, so slept in a little instead of doing my 5 mile run... I just can't seem to get things going this year Cry.
  • 58m 24s
  • 15.59 miles
  • 16.02 Mi/hr

10:45 a.m.
Got up too late for a run, so opted for a bike. It was definitely warm out there!!!! Just a short one, but need to log some miles....
AVG HR: 157

Ah dang it... first cold of the school year, that didn't take long....

  • Calories out: 2702 From lifestyle:2093, From activities:609
  • 2h 51m 56s
  • 45.56 miles
  • 15.90 Mi/hr

7:00 a.m.
Whew, this ride beasted me! Rode with my 2 good friends, Tammy Tucker and Lastazar and felt so bad that I was so damned slow!! First 20 miles weren't too bad, last 15 were horrible, coasted a lot, just kept pedaling as if I were out on a nice Sunday ride, couldn't WAIT for it to be over! Had some cramping going on the last 10 miles or so but was able to keep them at bay. Nice morning, not too hot, there was some breeze and it was noticeable when it was a headwind, but luckily it was a tailwind as we were finishing it up. I am spent! I am actually amazed at the pace since the last 15-20 seemed to be 8-12 mph every time I looked down!

  • Calories out: 3518 From lifestyle:2023, From activities:1495

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