• 2h 11m 13s
  • 31.10 miles
  • 14.22 Mi/hr

8:55 a.m.
67-73 -- 74% -- SSW 12 mph

So there was a wind advisory and rain on the way, so we moved our ride up 2 hours and decided not to do our 38 mile loop which took us out to the middle of nowhere and 20 miles or so from home at the furthest point out. So instead we took a route that was at most about 10 miles from home in case we got hit by rain, which we didn't! There was a wind advisory out, but it was actually not an issue. Overcast and humid, but a nice ride!

  • Calories out: 3177 From lifestyle:2040, From activities:1136
  • 1h 03m 33s
  • 4.47 miles
  • 14m 13s /Mi

11:10 a.m.
73 -- 57% -- S 20 mph
Miller Springs trail run... gotta admit the second half was more of a hike than a run, but it felt great to get out in the woods.... I did see the tail end of a snake as it jumped into its hole.... looked like a harmless one, but I didn't stop to check for sure!! Beautiful spring day...










  • Calories out: 2466 From lifestyle:2081, From activities:385

And yet another morning I did not drag myself out of bed to run, and it looks like it was a perfect morning to do just that!  I should have because hubby started texting and talking on the phone 30 minutes before it was time to get up, WTF??  I would NEVER do that to him, and he just doesn't get it.  So not only did I not run, I did NOT get that extra hour of sleep !!!

  • Calories out: 2120 From lifestyle:2120, From activities:0

Super long day.... had to leave home around 6:30 a.m. to hopefully avoid the traffic backup near work caused by Obama's arrival to Ft. Hood for the Memorial Service.  Ironically there seemed to be less traffic than  normal and my commute took the same time as always.  Then had to drive an hour afterschool to my dermatology appointment and didn't get home till around 6:30 p,m., just in time to hit the couch!  Derm doc took a biopsy off my back and froze a bunch of stuff off my face, hands and arms.  I can't reach the biopsy area, so now I have to depend on hubby to replace my bandage every night, ugh.  He can be such a turd about it.  I know he really doesn't mind doing it, I just have to hear his stupid snarky comments every time, REALLY??!!  In any case, still sniffling and coughing, so no workout happened.

  • Calories out: 2120 From lifestyle:2120, From activities:0
  • 22m 22s
  • 2.00 miles
  • 11m 10s /Mi

5:30 p.m.
73 -- 23% -- NNE 18 mph
Pepper Creek, just a short one with the new Newton's. They felt a little tight, might have to adjust the elastic laces I put in, but I was happy with the pace, finally seeing an improvement! And what's up with Garmin Connect? I can't upload my workouts, all I get is a blank box?? Anyone else?

I thought this head cold was going to blow over pretty quick... but NOOOoo, chest cough is back and now congested and voice is bad.  Looks like this could end up to be a rest WEEK, sigh....

  • Calories out: 2300 From lifestyle:2106, From activities:194

After WAY too many years of procrastination, hubby and I bought a new mattress yesterday.... and it felt soooo good I was unable to drag myself out of it to get up super early, I savored that extra hour!  Hopefully will get in either a bike or a run this afternoon!

  • Calories out: 2120 From lifestyle:2120, From activities:0

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