Sport #1
  • Massage
  • 10m
Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 20m
body slowly coming around to feeling normal but allergies are killing me. i think with my weakened immune system after the race i have had a hard time dealing with the mold this week. stretching and using the rollers today were i nice change of pace from just sitting around and eating. went to the TX game last night and witnessed a nice azz whipping. hope TX can get into the championship game this year. back to work next week. look forward to some yoga classes to get back to feeling strong. may start to working out in another week or 2.

legs are still very sore. got a light massage monday and will try to hit the hottub at 24hr today. have been eating like a pig the last few days and will do the same tomorrow. looks like i scored some free tix to the TX/TX A&M game tomorrow!!!! *** race report is done!
  • Massage
  • 1h 00m

  • 1h 00m
  • 4374.45 yards
  • 01m 22s /100 yards

good swim. made it to the turnaround under 27min but think we went with a small current on the way out. on the way back hit some bad calf cramps that caused me to stop and work them out. finished the last 10+ mins of swim trying not to kick and cramp any further. hit the steps and took almost 30secs to get to the timing mats. experienced another gut-wrenching calf cramp once the wetsuits guys yanked my suit off and then it was a slow hobble to the changing tent.

  • 5h 15m 09s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 21.32 Mi/hr

bike went really good. probably pushed a little too harder than i should have but felt i needed to to make for swim/T1 time lost. nutrition went well and got a little faster each lap. surprised my last lap was the fastest since we had the wind in our face by then headed back down the beeline.

  • 3h 29m 16s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 07m 59s /Mi

run was all i could have asked for with the stomach issues i had between miles 7-15ish. went with infinit on the run and i just couldnt get it down. once i finally abandoned the infinit it took a few miles for my stomach to adjust to coke but once it did the legs were moving pretty well again. i did walk alot of aid stations in order to get the coke down the hatch but skipped the last few to finish strong and paid for it was some heavy hammy cramps 200meters from the finish.

:) **** i wanted to finish 9:40 and top 7 with a chance at a kona slot. based on the times in my age group that would have put me ninth and would need a rolldown of 2 positions to get to hawaii. i did finish 9:56 and i am estatic was that result. once i felt i was not going to make 9:40 during the early part of the run the goal was sub 10hrs no matter what. thanks for all the support!!!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7

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