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Just got out of my ice bath. Going to eat something, rest, take a hot shower, and maybe work on my RR. I had a great time, and did so well. RR is up!

  • Calories: 1778 From fat:651.74 (74.88g, 36.66%), From Carbs:859 (222.05g, 48.31%), Protein:267.26 (69.09g, 15.03%)
Rest Day. No grooming today, so I didn't even have to go in to work. And the dogs didn't even wake me until almost 9:30. It feels a little bit like a holiday or something. I'm supposed to keep off my feet and rest and blah blah blah for the race tomorrow, and I know that. I've never run 6.2 miles before, so I really should take the advice of my marathon-running boss, right? But I'm feeling a little itchy to do something. Maybe a quick circuit or something to get my blood flowing so I don't feel like such a slug. I missed my 3 mile run earlier in the week, due to weather, and it is really bugging me, because I only had time for 2 miles yesterday. But running 3 miles today would be a bad idea. That would mean running 3 days in a row, which I have never done before, so I don't think the best time to start would be going into a race. Am I being overly cautious? Or am I having, as usual, a very hard time being smart?

  • Calories: 1119 From fat:278.02 (30.92g, 24.85%), From Carbs:563.8 (141.07g, 50.38%), Protein:277.18 (69.36g, 24.77%)
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Really easy run on the treadmill.

The plows suck so bad. They plow a tiny strip in the middle of the road, leaving a 2 foot drift, which of course will ice up overnight, making sure that I can't get my car out. Grrrr. Work has been going on as usual...really boring yesterday, but super busy today. I kept my run on the treadmill quite slow and easy. The dreamill doesn't agree with me; I usually get a backache and other sundry pains after running on it. So I decided to try running slower to see if that helps. The last thing I want is to have back pain during my first 10k. That is, if we have the 10k. The weather is being most uncooperative. I'm about to check the website to see if there's any kind of weather bulletin up.

  • Calories: 1403 From fat:326.07 (37.2g, 23.24%), From Carbs:768.13 (197.15g, 54.75%), Protein:308.79 (79.26g, 22.01%)
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The ice is even worse today than it was yesterday. I haven't had a look at the weather report yet, but I need to. Joyce actually closed work yesterday, which is only the second time she's ever done it since she opened! So I don't really know what's going on with either the weather or with my work. But I do know that I need to get some yaktrax, because I hate the treadmill. I'm about to hit the trainer right now, and if I can manage it, I'm going to make it over to my in-laws to use their treadmill tonight. (How romantic)

  • Calories: 1642 From fat:310.83 (35.68g, 18.93%), From Carbs:990.54 (255.86g, 60.33%), Protein:340.63 (87.99g, 20.74%)
  • 20m

Circuit B
10 reps, 2 circuits, 12 pounds (except 5 lb obliques)

The crappy weather is conspiring against me! All this sleet/freezing rain has turned the sidewalks to nastiness, so I wasn't able to get in a run today. At least I got the strength training in. So tomorrow I will try to get in my spin on the trainer, and hopefully get over to my in-laws for a run on the treadmill. The temperature isn't supposed to get over 27, and the precipitation is going to continue all day. I just hope the roads clear up for my race on Saturday. I'm going to be very pissed if he weather rains on my parade.

  • Calories: 1394 From fat:320.76 (37.13g, 23.01%), From Carbs:689.56 (179.6g, 49.47%), Protein:383.68 (99.93g, 27.52%)
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Got tired quickly, left hip feels beter though

Someone please reassure me that you can't really gain 3 pounds in 72 hours. Or can you? I went away to Bethany Beach for the weekend, and it went like this: Friday: pretty normal, got my workout in, ate pretty well, packed up, got in the car, arrived around 11pm, then ate some popcorn and a couple cookies. Decided not to be counting calories the whole weekend, because that's never fun. Saturday: Rest Day. Watched movied, looked at the beach, ate a lot of candy, some soup, some fried food, and some pretzels and cookies. Drank a glass or two or champagne. Sunday: Ran 5.5 miles on the beach. Had Nutella on Social Tea cookies for breakfast (bad move) followed by chicken nuggets for lunch and more junk food for dinner. On paper, it sound bad, but I'm also seeing a severe lack of vegetables, fruit, WATER, and all that good stuff. Perhaps I'm just salted out from all the pretzels and stuff. I do have a really weird taste in my mouth, like I swallow and there's fur in there. Anyway, I'm in a bit of a panic, but the back of my head is also telling me not to be ridiculous, so I'm all dressed and ready to hit the trainer. NCIS is all cued up and ready to go. Kashi shake standing by for breakfast. Back to business.

  • Calories: 1295 From fat:306.38 (34.79g, 23.66%), From Carbs:728.82 (186.23g, 56.28%), Protein:259.8 (66.38g, 20.06%)
  • 1h 03m 20s
  • 5.50 miles
  • 11m 31s /Mi

On the beach, out and back. Crosswinds suck but the view, sounds and smell were incredible.

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