• 05m

In an effort to actually get my strength work done, I'm trying splitting it up and doing it throughout the day. So, core work this morning. Pedestal #2, which is 40 seconds each for front, back, and both sides.

I packed up my running stuff so I could get in a run after work. I'm not sure if I want to drive to W&OD, since I enjoyed that so much this weekend, or maybe try Riverbend. I'm worried about mud and stuff at Riverbend from the weekend's rain, but it has the possibility of being really pretty.
___, my stomach is really rebelling. So instead of going somewhere without plumbing, I will be driving home to sort myself out. Perhaps once things settle down I'll get my run in around the apartment complex, just in case I have to dash back inside. Apparently I am still not wise enough to know that I shouldn't eat candy on an empty stomach.

  • Calories out: 1764 From lifestyle:1736, From activities:28
  • 15m 01s
  • 1.20 miles
  • 12m 31s /Mi

Yet another gorgeous day. It's kind of amazing to be outside and run, but not be drenched in sweat. Z1/Z2 and the breathing felt easy, but my lower legs felt sore. I'm starting to see a bit of a correlation between this soreness as compared to when I last did a longer run. I'll keep an eye on that and see if it persists. As it stands, I'm glad this week is a repeat of last week for volume.

  • 03m

Lunge matrix warmup

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  • 44m 59s
  • 3.72 miles
  • 12m 05s /Mi

I drove out to the W&OD and ran in towards Falls Church. Made it almost to the Rt 7 overpass before it was time to turn around. The cool temps and relatively flat terrain made for some speedier miles, particularly the first two, which have a net elevation loss. I timed my water intake really poorly, chugging quite a bit about an hour before setting out, which meant I had to pee the entire time I was running. Whoops!
The wind was really kicking up, especially on my way back to the car. A couple times I almost lost my hat! I was wearing my new Lululemon Speed Track Shorts, and they are amazing! Plenty of pockets, and I carried my phone and keys and couldn't even feel them. Two thumbs up.

  • 03m

Lunge matrix warmup.
Next week I need to get back on doing the cooldown stuff. For real

  • Calories out: 2075 From lifestyle:1724, From activities:351
  • 14m 26s
  • 1.18 miles
  • 12m 14s /Mi

It was sort of gross and threatening to rain, so I was glad this was a quick run. The October weather is agreeing with me, and getting Z1/Z2 runs in is easier.

  • 03m

Lunge matrix warmup. How have I gotten myself to the point where it is so easy to talk myself out of the cooldown? No bueno, Laura, no bueno.

  • Calories out: 1856 From lifestyle:1733, From activities:124
I'm 36 today. I called out of work, watched way too much tv, and ate myself sick on caramels. Super day! Family lunch tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. xoxo

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  • 28m 04s
  • 2.14 miles
  • 13m 07s /Mi

Same hi viz ls shirt and headlamp combo, and it was pretty comfy. I have to say, I definitely should not have tried to get two wearings out of that shirt. Glad I was running outside and not in the gym where that would have assaulted someone's nose. Ick!
My calves feel a bit better than they did earlier in the week. The sensible shoes certainly are helping. I think running on the hills is tough on the calves as well. All summer I would walk up the hills to get my HR back down, so running on them again is taking a bit of getting used to.
There is still some doubt in my mind....why am I so slow? Why have I actually gotten slower than this past winter?! I just wrote in a bit of detail about that on my main blog, so give that a read if you want the full neurosis. That being said, I'm going to trust this plan. I like getting out there and running most days, and the pain free gig is pretty sweet.

  • 03m

Just the lunge matrix warm up. I could say running a bit behind....but I'm okay for time. I just didn't feel like getting in the core/hip exercies. That means I HAVE to do them tonight when I get home. Dinner is a stir fry, so a complete cake walk. No excuses.

  • Calories out: 1928 From lifestyle:1729, From activities:199
  • 14m 02s
  • 1.12 miles
  • 12m 32s /Mi

Quick zoom zoom around the neighborhood. The weather has been so nice, and I get to run by the apartment playground twice during these 14 minutes. Adorable!
Everything felt nice and easy. I always thought I was a morning runner, but these afternoon runs are starting to grow on me.

  • 15m

Coach Jay
lunge matrix warmup
pedestal #1 x2
myrtle cool down

Those back planks are killer, and I really didn't want to do my core work. Then I reminded myself of how weak my core is on the bike, and sucked it up and did it. Mind over matter.

Getting a recovery run in tonight. I am disproportionately excited about my lunch, which includes an apple which I will be topping with chocolate hazelnut butter. I usually go for peanut or almond, but I found a single squeeze packet of this fake nutella stuff by Justin's at the store, so I'm giving it a go.

  • Calories out: 1917 From lifestyle:1729, From activities:188

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