• Physical Therapy
  • 37m

Stretches, step ups, wobble board, oh my! Culminated in slowly walking half a mile without pain. Well, there was discomfort, the kind that comes from PT. But none of the other "bad" pain. I never imagined I would sweat so much from barely moving!

So, I hesitate to jinx anything, but my ankle feels the tiniest bit better today. Perhaps resting was a good idea after all? Who would have thought it. I have today as a rest day, except PT later. I have a date with a wobble board.

  • Calories out: 1933 From lifestyle:1727, From activities:206
  • Health data: Injury: 3
  • 50m 03s
  • 16.10 miles
  • 19.30 Mi/hr

3 minute intervals in each gear, working up to the hardest. Then back into the small ring for a two minute cool down. Focus on spinning, which really seems to challenge me. My legs just don't want to move fast! No pain in my ankle, which is very good.

  • Physical Therapy
  • 07m

In office stretching.
This is round one, I'm supposed to do a full routine with step ups and stuff as well, but wasn't able to find anything of the right size to step up on here at the office.

I need to take a look at my scheduled workouts for the week and figure out what kind of modifications I need to do. I have some at home PT exercises that I'm supposed to start, but I'm also planning on getting on the trainer tonight, which is fine provided there is no pain.

  • Calories out: 2225 From lifestyle:1722, From activities:504
  • Health data: Injury: 4
More RICE. More boredom. I'm not good at sitting still.

  • Calories out: 1737 From lifestyle:1737, From activities:0
  • Health data: Injury: 4
Blah, resting is boring.

  • Calories out: 1737 From lifestyle:1737, From activities:0
  • Health data: Injury: 4
  • 57m 58s
  • 2194.56 meters
  • 02m 39s /100 meters

200 choice warm up
4x150 :30 (50 kick, 100 swim build)
4x25 :10 (fingertip drag drill & fist drill)
4x150 :30 (as 50 free/50 non-free/50 free)
4x25 :10 descending
4x150 pull :30 (easy/medium/strong)
200 cool down

Besides the kick sets making my foot/ankle hurt, this workout was good. I put a lot of focus on those drills, and body rotation was big in my mind the whole time. Except for the last two of those pull sets, where my back and shoulders were just done.

Whomp whomp...this ankle thing is not going away. It hurts when walking. I'll get up from my desk or whatever and walk a bit, and everything feels okay. But then, after a hundred steps or so, it starts to become painful to step. The pain is around the bony park on the outside, also a bit across the top of the foot, and along the back. If I stretch, it goes away, but then comes back after a few hundred steps again. This morning it started hurting during kick sets in the pool. I am so frustrated! Why is this happening? I don't remember anything that would have been an injury, it just sort of started on Tuesday.
So here I am at my desk, having a bit of a pity party. Last night I was on an ice pack and then took anti-inflammatories before bed. Now I've got an ace bandage on there (which is helping, it seems) and I'm propped up on some mail crates. My at-work version of R.I.C.E. I suppose.
Soothing words, please? I'm supposed to have my last big long ride this weekend, then taper for my race.

  • Calories out: 2152 From lifestyle:1721, From activities:430
  • Health data: Injury: 5
  • 48m 52s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 12m 11s /Mi

Will you look at that? A 4 mile long run. And just 7 months ago I was still speed walking. Slow and steady wins this race!
I started to get quite warm/sweaty, so my resolve to wear long sleeves as sun protection is going to be tested, I know. But I will remain steadfast and avoid too much exposure. This run was mostly enjoyable, I tried to think about posture and stay relaxed. I actually made it all the way to the 66 crossing, which was unexpected.
When I stopped running my leg felt fine for the cool down walk back home. Took my shoes off and got some pain in my left ankle between the Achilles and that bony bit on the outside and also on the outside on my calf almost at the back of my knee. I think some kind of tendon runs there? Anyway, stretched it out and it felt better. Thank goodness my long runs are done for a few weeks.

  • Stretching
  • 05m

Post run, mostly calves, feet, and hammies.

  • Calories out: 2097 From lifestyle:1722, From activities:374
  • Health data: Injury: 4
  • 57m 41s
  • 2194.56 meters
  • 02m 37s /100 meters

200 choice warm up
8x25 kick :15 (odds fast/evens smooth)
3x [6x50 :10, descend 1-3, 4-6
200 pull (100 smooth/100 fast)
1x100 non free w/ :30]
200 cool down

I barely looked at my watch today, and that's a good thing. I swam by feel, and didn't sweat each little second, and my reward was feeling a lot more mentally positive during this swim. It was all about form and fun again, instead of time and pace. After the fact I checked out my data, and I nailed all my 50s descending! Nothing super speedy, but each set of 3 got faster.
I also brought my water bottle with me to the pool deck. I haven't done that in awhile, not since reading an article by Chrissie Wellington about how you should train like you race and you can't drink during the swim leg. All respect her, but maybe that's something I should only do now and again. I felt much better being able to drink between sets! :) Happy days in the water again!!

  • 58m 03s
  • 18.62 miles
  • 19.25 Mi/hr

Noooo! I think my cadence sensor is dead. I estimated the distance based on the speed from the last two week's. 3 minutes in each gear all the way up to big ring little cog, then back down.
I also feel like that average HR is really low. What the heck? I'm covered in sweat and have shaky legs, so I feel like I worked hard.

My achilles and calf were feeling weird this morning. At first everything seems fine, then after I've been walking for a minute, it gets super tight and I can't really point my toe or bend my ankle properly. Then I stretch, and all is well again. Not sure what's going on...

  • Calories out: 2672 From lifestyle:1705, From activities:967
  • Health data: Injury: 3

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