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J has another interview today, but I just got a text from him that the apartment water has been shut off. I told him to go to the REC and pay the single day fee and shower there, hopefully he figures something out. And hopefully this is a company that pays decent money...and wants to hire him. Crossing all fingers and toes, because I really can't take much more of this unemployment stress.

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Much warmer than yesterday, but still a nice walk. I felt a bit warm, whereas yesterday was completely gorgeous. I also managed to get a blister? Come on feet, not cool. I've had these shoes for awhile, and they were perfectly comfy yesterday.
I ran out of podcast and switched to some old school Mika, and man, I forgot how good that album was. So many smiles.

Another really pretty day outside, although about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. We're supposed to be back in the 90s this weekend! I think I'm probably just going to go for another walk after work. I am so behind on my podcasts, and it is nice to walk and listen and unwind after work.

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Wow, what a beautiful day. Did the neighborhood walk I used to take with Vivaldi. Not hot, just warm and sunny with some light wind. She would have loved it outside today. :)

Foam rolling did not happen yesterday. You know what did? Apple cider doughnuts. Perhaps taking a week off after a sprint is a bit silly, but hey, I never really took an off season, and it does feel really nice to sleep in and eat whatever for awhile before getting back to work. Last night I set out some clothes to do the eliptical or something, but once again sleeping in won out. It is a completely gorgeous day outside though, so I'm thinking a walk is in order. Maybe after work? High of 72 and beautiful blue skies!

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Back to real life, back to the office, and time to start clearing out my inbox from my staycation. I think I'm going to do some foam rolling tonight, maybe a walk. I don't have any scheduled workouts this week, but I don't plan to be a slug. I'll just do what I feel like, when I feel like it, I suppose.

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Last day of my staycation! I was up so early, and headed out to the store for a few goodies, mainly strawberries and apple cider doughnuts! After that, the fatigue just took me over, which surprised me. I've done 90 minute workouts before, so I wasn't expecting the race to take so much out of me. Naive, I suppose, since my effort was greater yesterday. I spent a lot of the day quite happy to be laying on my back watching tv.

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Reston Sprint Triathlon

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Reston Sprint Triathlon

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Reston Sprint Triathlon

Race day magic: wet roads, but no rain! I had a great race, and I'm so happy with how everything went. Race report is up!

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Packet pickup and bag prep. Also lots of checking the weather report like a dork. :)
I posted my full race expectations and goals on my separate blog. Link up above if you want to dive into the full neurotic experience of my brain!

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