• 1h 08m 32s
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 02m 44s /100 yards

300 swim
200 pull
100 kick
12x50 :30 (kick, drill, by 25)
4x100 swim :60
8x50 :15 (drill, swim, by 25)
4x100 pull :30
100 c/d

I wish I'd made the decision earlier in the workout to cuts the rests in half. :30 after a 50 and a full :60 after the hundred was eating up so much time. Even with cutting the rests, I got out of the pool later than I wanted, and skidded into work a couple minutes late.
Workout wise, I concentrated on really reaching and extended my forward warm, which is turn had me noticing my rotation.
Thoughts on the R1 - I think about them all the time. If I get them set, they stay for awhile, but then too many waves or whatnot seems to push them off the right side of my face and I get leaking. I will try tightening them down a bit more and see how that goes. If it doesn't work....I guess I'll have some R1s to pay forward.

  • 1h 00m 06s
  • 18.28 miles
  • 18.25 Mi/hr

10 min warm up
15 minutes RPE 7/10
10 min recovery
15 minutes RPE 7/10
10 min cool down

J got another job offer this morning! I only have a few texts, so no details. Still, having two offers on the table is very good news. :)

  • Calories out: 2816 From lifestyle:1702, From activities:1115
  • 1h 38m 22s
  • 18.65 miles
  • 11.37 Mi/hr

60-65 degrees and sunny. 822 feet of gain.
This was supposed to be a nice easy ride, what with yesterday's LT test. I decided to head east on the W&OD, and, on a lark, thought checking out the Custis Trail where it intersected would be fun. I had heard that it had very few at-grade crossings, and that's always what's annoying about W&OD. Well, it turns out that Custis has a lot more climbing. There are a few blind curves, and suddenly you're going up up up. More than once I got caught in the wrong gear, and found myself muscling my way up. In the beginning I couldn't even appreciate the downhills, because I was riding into the rising sun. Since I was doing an out and back, that wasn't a problem after the turnaround, and it was a lot more fun. There was a moment of sheer panic as I found myself heading down a very steep S-curve. I've never done anything like that before, and I thought I was going to eat it. I arrived at the bottom safe and sound, though! Coming back up it was tough, but not as hard as I thought it would be. On two occasions I had to walk my bike, which I've never had to do before. One hill was just too darn steep, and I ran out of gears. The second was when I dropped my chain and couldn't get going again on the uphill.
I actually dropped my chain twice, and I'm starting to think it is absolutely user error, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Each time I've been shifting from my middle ring to the tiny one up front, and the chain drop down next to the frame. I need to figure out what I'm doing.
My return trip was uneventful, although I did find myself amidst a large group of families on the W&OD as I approached Falls Church. Maybe some kind of family fun race? There were a lot of people, and since they were taking up most of the trail, those of us not participating had to slow way down. Not that I minded...it was supposed to be an easy day.
Nutrition: What with the climbing and blind braking, I didn't really get to practice drinking the way I wanted. Maybe once or twice? I did get down most of a bottle of Skratch lemons & limes (yummy and not too sweet) and a strawberry cereal bar (generic brand Nutrigrain) when I paused at the turnaround.
Overall: A teeny bit of back pain, some slight undercarriage soreness, two dropped chains, and some unexpected climbing = still a fun day in the saddle. Well worth the early alarm clock to get out and beat the heat.

  • Calories out: 2258 From lifestyle:1710, From activities:548
  • 48m 02s
  • 4.42 miles
  • 10m 52s /Mi

LT field test. I didn't puke. I did get a max HR of 193, which sounds kind of freaky high, but I feel fine. To each heart their own, right? I can only see lap speed and distance on my mobile app, not average HR, so I'll have to wait until I'm sitting at a computer to figure out my zones.
I think I paced it okay. I may have started out too fast, as I felt myself fading in the last few minutes. I had to walk for a couple minutes after the test was done, then ran (jogged? trotted?) The final few blocks home.

  • Calories out: 2170 From lifestyle:1724, From activities:446
  • 53m 16s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 02m 40s /100 yards

300 warm up
4x75 :30 (kick, drill, swim by 25)
6x50 : descend 1-3, 4-6
200 pull :20
150 build :30
100 fast :60
50 sprint
100 recovery
400 (kick, swim by 50)
100 cool down

Forgot my nuun bottle on the counter when I left the house, so I did this swim, showered, and drove to the office before I could have anything to drink. Do not recommend!
I had a bit more leaking from my goggles, but none of the headaches from earlier in the week. So headaches are likely tension from work. Leaking...I was fussing with adjusting my straps a bit, so perhaps once I get the fit dialed in, I'll be okay. It is mostly when I push off the wall. And finally, my swim cap kept coming off. Such a comedy of errors. At least it was a shorter/recovery swim. I haven't even analyzed any of the data...not sure I'm going to. Just getting it done!

  • Foam Rolling
  • 25m

Full body, lots of attention on calves and thighs. I'm happy to say that it didn't hurt as bad as last week. I need to keep this habit up!

Sigh: Brexit. J is an English expat with a Scottish mum. He's pretty upset. Is this going to impact the peace in Ireland? Will Scotlands second ref for independence actually pass? If it does, will J pick England or Scotland as his country of citizenship? What does this mean for Europe?
So far, the only silver lining is that if you've been eyeing something British to buy, snap it up now, because the pound is so weak.
Good news! A job offer for J, pending a background check. Its possible that the 10 month unemployment may soon be coming to an end. Fingers crossed, but it out in the universe, and think happy thoughts. :)

  • Calories out: 2082 From lifestyle:1734, From activities:348
  • 38m 06s
  • 2.63 miles
  • 14m 29s /Mi

Quite steady rain. There was a band of thunder and lightning on the radar, so I did apt complex loops in case I needed to bail. Fortunately, I just had rain and a few far off flashes. It was a bit of a blessing, I think, as the temp was lower and I was able to keep my HR low easily than previous days.
Z2 run, walking it back down to the bottom of the zone when it buzzed too high. My right hip started feeling a little bit cranky towards the end, but nothing bad. Besides being super slow, and sopping wet, this was a good run.

  • 49m

1/4 mile walk warm up
ankle/foot routine
pedestal 1
1/4 mile walk cool down

The one legged ankle/foot stuff is so hard! My balance is awful, no wonder I fall down all the time. I think the pedestal (planks) routine may be getting ever so slightly easier? Not so much violent shaking in the side planks.

And another interview for J today. The idea of having two incomes again is so close I can taste. I mean, REALLY taste it. If he gets an offer, we are going out for the biggest steak dinner of all time. Today was with a company that he really would love to work for, but the competition will be much higher. Positive thoughts!

  • Calories out: 2234 From lifestyle:1713, From activities:520
  • 1h 03m 46s
  • 2500.00 yards
  • 02m 33s /100 yards

400 warm up, kick every 4th 25
8x50 :30 (drill/swim by 25)
4x25 :20
4x50 :30
4x100 :45
4x50 :30
4x25 :20
6x75 pull @1:30
1x150 (100 ALL OUT, 50 EZ)
100 cool down

New suit today, new goggles, and a very tired me. The suit is a new TYR polyester grab bag suit, and I lucked into some decent looking red flames. For goggles I splurged and got some ROKA R1s. They feel pretty good. Nothing magical...I was having some headaches and jaw pain during my swim, but I've been feeling that for a couple days, so not sure if they're related. The visibility is incredible with them, though! As for being tired, I don't know. I'm tossing and turning a bit, so maybe I'm just running a bit on empty.
For drills I did half catch up and half fist. Right around the 75 pull sets is when my shoulders started to complain, and I was losing my form trying to get enough rest on 1:30. I switched it to 1:35 to I wasn't getting sloppy. As for 100 all out, right at the end of the workout....no. That did not happen. Is anyone surprised?

  • 1h 00m 02s
  • 18.01 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

Katie Archibald's Points Sprints workout
10 min warm up
4x (30 sec Z5, 4 min Z3, 30 sec Z5, 5 min Z1)
10 min cool down

Getting the HR up in 30 seconds is tough...it's more like a 9/10 effort, then float into a sustained pace before the next sprint. It starts out okay, then by the last set I was really cooking. Tough, but I would enjoy doing this workout again. An hour flew by!

Interview for J yesterday and another one today. I guess when it rains, it pours! He's traded the stress of "no one will even call me back" for "omg I have so many interviews, what if they all hate me." At this point I feel like he's sure to get some kind of offer, the only question is, will it be a good one? Here's hoping!

  • Calories out: 2786 From lifestyle:1703, From activities:1083
  • 29m 45s
  • 2.13 miles
  • 13m 58s /Mi

72 and quite humid. I thought it was going to slay cloudy, so I didn't bring my sunglasses, and then of course the sun started peaking out. Zone 2 running is humbling. I turned the alerts on my Garmin, and got buzzed at for every hill...so I walked my HR back down. This weekend I'll do an LT test and see how far off these estimates are. With the humidity, I'm not actually surprised at my pace. It can only get better!

  • 48m

1/4 mile walk warm up
ankle/foot routine
pedestal 1
1/4 mile walk cool down

By the time I get to the end of the ankle/foot routine, I am really feeling it. My balance needs some work.

  • Device Upload
  • 48m

Imported from Garmin GarminConnect

Zone 2 fail...I just doubled checked my watch settings, and I had it beeping when I hit the top of Zone 3, not 2. Whoops! Fortunately I get to try again on Thursday...then LT testing on Saturday. I'm sensing a lot of walking this summer.

  • Calories out: 2459 From lifestyle:1723, From activities:736

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