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Made myself go to spin, and really happy for it.

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House drama (to include real prices, so prepared to be shocked by Northern VA housing prices)
We put an offer in on a lovely house last Friday. Asking price has been steadily dropping. They initially listed at $740k, but current list is $698,900. The house is terribly overpriced, so we put our offer in at $679k. The countered....for $697,900 and a sob story about how they bought the house 2 years ago for $700k. I mean, I'm sorry you overpaid for your house and are now underwater, but that doesn't mean I'm about to overpay. So, sadly, we withdrew our offer on that house this evening.
Another lovely house hit the market this morning, and I went to a viewing appointment this afternoon. It was great, so we put an offer in. However, when we arrived for our appointment there had already been 3 people before us, and 3 more after us. Plus there's an open house Thursday evening and another on Sunday. Needless to say, its a hot property in a seller's market, so I'm not really holding my breath that we'll get this one. You'd think a list price offer, no request for closing assistance, a fast closing, and mortgage approval would make for an appealing offer, but I'm sure other people are doing the same.
So stressful!

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