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Set my alarm, got up, and got a run/walk in first thing in the morning!

Got a text from Jen last night asking if I got in. I thought she was talking about houses, but no.....I got a rolldown spot for Aquathlon Worlds in Almere!!! Thank goodness she said something, since the email went to my junk.
Part of me wishes I had "earned" the spot without needing a rolldown. The other part is really excited to have an epic racecation in the Netherlands. :D

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No houses seem to be showing up for viewings this week. For whatever reason, most of the "Coming Soon" homes aren't going live until February. That's not so say something wouldn't show up Active in the next day or so....who knows?
Signed up for spin this Thursday. Have told myself at least one more workout will get done this week, thereby doubling my previous week's efforts.

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Our latest offer has gone nowhere. The seller is going to work with one of the other offers that came in. Our agent pointed out that they probably waived inspection or something ridiculous, so not something we would have wanted to do.
Onward? This is just getting depressing. I'm sure plenty of people search for months and months to find a house. But I honestly have no idea how they find the mental fortitude. Its sad to get up in the morning and see no houses that fit the criteria to even look at. Big sigh.

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  • 16.19 Mi/hr

Made myself go to spin, and really happy for it.

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