Viewed a house last night that looked like an HGTV show house or something. Shiplap and barn doors everywhere. Not my taste at all. And I'm certainly not paying top dollar for a flip that has been turned into my decor nightmare. I'm sure someone else will get it and adore it.
Two more showings after work today. Kind of hopeful, but also not particularly optimistic that even if we put in an offer we would actually get the house.

I meant to get another workout in this week, but it just didn't happen. On the bright side, I have plan to run with Jen tomorrow, and going to run pace Stacey on Sunday, so at least I'll get some movement both days this weekend. Just keep showing up as much as possible, right?

  • Calories out: 1758 From lifestyle:1758, From activities:0
  • 55m 25s
  • 13.39 miles
  • 14.50 Mi/hr
Spin tonight with Jen
I have plans on Sunday to run pace Stacey on my cruiser
Figure I need to get another run in maybe Thursday and a long run on Saturday and that'll be trending in the right direction.

  • Calories out: 2263 From lifestyle:1742, From activities:520
Agent texted this morning to let us know that the house we loved from this weekend already has three offers in on it, and the seller is going to ratify one today. So we don't even get to throw our hat in the ring.
This is getting me really down.

  • Calories out: 1758 From lifestyle:1758, From activities:0
  • 1h 19m 34s
  • 4.72 miles
  • 16m 52s /Mi
There should be a 4.7 mile run in here....not sure why Garmin isn't uploading. Run with Jen and we just beat the rain. The rain that neither of us knew was coming, haha.

  • Calories out: 2259 From lifestyle:1736, From activities:523
4 house viewings. One we really love and will put an offer in on.

  • Calories out: 1758 From lifestyle:1758, From activities:0

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