• 1h 05m 44s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • -----

300 easy
6x75 (2 easy/1 fast, 15 sec)
8x150 (100 fast (10 sec), 50 easy (1 min))
400 pull
10 x 50 (5 sec/30 sec)
150 easy

Hip felt GREAT! Didn't notice anything with it and had a good swim. I felt really slow in the warm up, but did all of my 100's at around 1:20-1:21 which was great.

Thrilled to have a good swim.  I needed that for morale and it was starting to drop.  Now hopefully my brick tomorrow goes as well.

  • 10m 33s
  • 1.34 miles
  • 07m 52s /Mi

Easy ROTB. Couldn't get my Garmin to get a signal so it took a few minutes to get started.

Hip felt OK while running, but it was only a very quick run.

  • 1h 49m 16s
  • 37.34 miles
  • 20.50 Mi/hr

First workout since the accident. Everything started out nicely, but my hip started to bother me at the end. My plan was to watch the entire Patriots game on the trainer, but I stopped after doing one loop of IM AZ on the virtual course on the computrainer.

Avg Power: 209
Avg Cadence: 73

Hip continues to improve.  I played in a wiffleball tomorrow all day today (don't have to run the bases or anything) and the hip felt pretty good.  We won the tournament, beating the team we lost to the finals last year in the championship.  Got my bike back from the LBS as well so I'm planning to go for a ride (on the trainer!) tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.
Hip still isn't quite there yet.  I really wanted to run this morning, but just didn't feel right. 
Slept much better last night and the hip seems to be improving even more.  I'm hoping to get back in action tomorrow, but we'll see.
No training today and very sore.  However, the hip seems to be improving as the day goes on.  Did about 10 min in the hot tub and 10 min in the steam room at the Y.
  • 47m 39s
  • 13.30 miles
  • 16.75 Mi/hr

Well you know how they say that if you ride enough, eventually you'll get hit by a car? I guess today was my day...
Got about 45 min into my ride this afternoon when a car took a right turn without signaling and went straight into to me. I had just started an interval so I was doing about 24-25 mph and was moving right along. I was keeping an eye on the traffic, however, as the car passed me, I looked to see if it was signaling and it was not so I assumed it was continuing straight. But, all the sudden, it started cutting right into me. I started to see it coming so I yelled, "HEY!" as loud as I could as a slammed on my brakes, but it was too late. The car went right into my left side. I'm not positive exactly what happened from there, but I'm pretty sure I hit into the car's right mirror (ended up knocking it off), came right out of my pedals, rolled on the hood, and then slid on the road for a bit. I ended up with some nice road rash on my left leg, some cuts on my left arm and hand, and a really sore hip. We'll see how it feels tomorrow...

The kid (think he was about 18) that hit me did stop. I got up right away and stumbled around a little bit, but was in shock and was speechless. Finally the kid said, "please say something so I know you're ok." So I said that I thought I was ok and just paced around a bit. Another woman stopped and hung around for a few minutes asking if I was ok as well. The guy asked if I needed an ambulance and I told him I didn't think so. Finally after a few months, I felt like I was ok so I took a look at my bike. It looked like it was fine so I actually considered just riding away. However, I told the kid to wait while I took a quick ride to make sure it was fine. Shifting was fine, but the left brake lever snapped off as soon as I touched it. Since I didn't want to ride home without any front brakes so I called my Dad and he came and picked me up.

The kid apologized a bunch of time, but did admit to me that he didn't signal, he didn't see me, and that he had just made some changes to his car so he was focusing on the car and wasn't paying attention to the road...
As soon as my Dad picked me up, we took my bike straight to the LBS since it wasn't too far away. Hopefully it will be back in action this weekend.

I'm still pretty sore and certainly not happy about this happening, but it could have been worse. I was able to walk away with very minor injuries considering I got hit by a car. I don't think there was much I could have done to prevent this.

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