Home.  Sore.  Wife is already picking scabs off my shoulder blade.  Stepped on scale and saw my weight was 208.   Well crap, I need to go out and do a workout tomorrow.....just kidding.

Still, got to fuss about my weight.  Saw this happen after Seattle Marathon.  Time off and weight goes up.....

  • 42m
  • 1.20 yards
  • -----

This is after the fact. Back at home. 27 June.

Got to the Swim area on Friday morning. Cripes I can't tell who anyone is.. They all look like seals. Figured I would just do a short playful swim.

Kinda windy at 8AM, some waves. Nothing that I have ever experienced in Lake padden. OOOOhhhhh it was cold. Started to stroke out into the waves and decided to just keep going.

Did the full lap...Had terrible thoughts...Holy Moly, I'll still have to do another lap on Sunday.....But now I know it's doable.

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