• Hiking
  • 56m 31s

Afternoon hike with Zoe at Bent Creek

Work from home from WNC today. Possible evening hike but otherwise a rest day.

  • 45m 35s
  • 4.53 miles
  • 10m 04s /Mi

Trying to embrace the whole run slow thing.

This was still faster than prescribed. Anyway, for my runs I think that focusing on getting in some very easy miles during bike focus is not a terrible idea so expect me runs to be slower.

Travel to WNC. We have a handyman coming out to fix something tomorrow and I have a BRP meetup on Friday

Bike #1
  • 1h 00m 27s
  • 21.01 miles
  • 20.85 Mi/hr

Zwift - Threshold Intervals on Wandering Flats in Makuri Islands

5 x 4 min at FTP
2 min rest at less than 65% of FTP

Bike #2
  • 20m 06s
  • 7.31 miles
  • 21.82 Mi/hr

Zwift - Group Ride: Team Valhalla Wake-up North America Ride (D) on Triple Flat Loops in Watopia as extended cool down

  • Strength
  • 34m 56s

Two rounds of 15 each:
TRX chest fly
TRX reverse fly
TRX tricep extension
TRX lat pulldown
TRX push up
Ab wheel rollout

Foot Core:
Toe crunches 3 x 12 per foot
Foot Arch - 3 x 12 per foot
Calf Raise with resisted inversion - 3 x 12 per side
Calf Raise with toe extensions - 3 x 12 per side

  • 1h 00m 50s
  • 20.05 miles
  • 19.78 Mi/hr

Zwift - Group Ride: Beanie's Brunch Bunch (D) on Electric Loop in Makuri Islands

Recovery ride

  • 39m 15s
  • 4.01 miles
  • 09m 47s /Mi

First run since crash. Mostly OK. Bruised area on knee was a bit irritated but not painful.

  • Strength
  • 14m 27s

Coach Parry session

Massage as well.  Busy day!

  • 2h 53m 36s
  • 51.56 miles
  • 17.82 Mi/hr

Team CBC ride,

Di2 woes. Lost my front derailleur with 10 miles to go. Checked the battery yesterday. Dunno what went wrong but I do know I'm charging it this afternoon!

Short brother rant.  Dan is in the Guard. He had his three week annual training ending this weekend (June 18-19). He, and many others in his unit, tested positive for covid. In their infinite wisdom, the Guard set all these people loose on the unsuspecting public.  My brother contacted my father and said, I'm covid positive.  I'll see you on Sunday.  My dad was like, no you will not see me on Sunday. You will see me when you are no longer contagious.  Like my 78 year old father wants covid for Father's Day! ARG!  It's bad enough that Dan has not been helpful with my dad AT ALL during what is a very tough time for him, now he wants to give Dad covid.

  • 3h 09m 20s
  • 54.32 miles
  • 17.21 Mi/hr

Links ride. Great weather!

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