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Day 6

Mostly a rest day today. I'll get in a very short run for the streak and walk Zoe. I should probably do some stretching/core today (need to get back into that habit).  We'll see if that happens or not ;-)

In other news, IMCA forecast continues to deteriorate. Up to 2.45 inches of rain during the day on Sunday with a realfeel high of 48F and 20 mph sustained winds with gusts to 35 mph. Sounds lovely.

In other news, I've revisited the Runalyze site and of played with that. I've got two 5k fun runs coming up and I wanted to see if it revealed anything in terms of pacing. It's under the impression that I am way faster than I think that I am. Anyway, they now allow Strava import which is helpful because that will get the virtual rides in (Garmin does not export them) and those virtual rides are needed to calculate training load properly.

Bike #1
  • 09m 15s
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  • -----

warm up
Zwift - Greatest London Flat

Bike #2
  • 1h 05m 09s
  • 25.12 miles
  • -----

Group ride at somewhat higher than the advertised effort. Triathlon Australia Social Ride, for those following along.

Zwift - France RGV

  • 21m 05s
  • 2.28 miles
  • 09m 15s /Mi

Lunch run

The forecast for IMCA keeps on getting worse. Downpours, becoming windier.  High of 61 (realfeel high 50). Increasingly windy with heavy rain; cool; much-needed rain will come at the risk of flash flooding

Wind: SSE 17 mph
Wind Gusts: 29 mph
Rain: 1.25 in
Hours of Rain: 11.5

51, realfeel 40
Wind: SSW 14 mph
Wind Gusts: 35 mph
Rain: 1.81 in
Hours of Rain: 12

And now there is speculation about the swim being canceled due to (1) poop and/or (2) current.  Also speculation about changing the swim venue.

I'm in the office today. Kevin keeps on texting me. He's a little wound up about his mail check this weekend.

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Zoe has her annual vet visit today.  Her appointment was schedule for this afternoon.  Last night she managed to injure her dew claw.  We called this morning and moved her appointment to -- well, now.  Kevin brought her in because I have a meeting in a few minutes.  Since I am leading the meeting, I kinda need to be there.
UPDATE: Clean bill of health. Dew claw irritated but not torn. The vet trimmed the claw and gave her a "stop bleeding and numb it" medicine (neo-predef) to put on it 2-3x a day. If she continues to mess with it, we can vet wrap it. If it gets more irritated, bring her back for a follow-up.
As an aside, we have tons of vet wrap because when Kevin cut is knee over the summer, that's worked best for keeping the gauze on it.  We stocked up at the time.

One of my teammates is racing IM California in Sacramento this weekend. The weather outlook is not good.  I feel kind bad for him.  Any time it says "heavy rain" for your Ironman race day, that's not good.  Couple that with a high temperature of 60 (realfeel high of 52) and 1 inch of rain during the day (hours of rain predicted = 12) + .5 inches of rain Sunday night (hours of rain = 9), well, that does not sound like a fun time.

I received my Pfizer booster study unblinding results this morning.  As suspected, I got the real deal way back on July 29th.

Oh my goodness! Ironman!

"We're moving IMWI to June."

People register.
People book travel.
People who deferred from 2020 and 2021 adjust their schedules

"Just kidding! It's gonna be in September!"

Ah, and there it is.  IM Des Moines.  In June.

I've also read that (1) there are no hotels available for the IMWI Sept date and (2) it's home football game weekend.

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Sweetspot Plus
4 x (7' @ Sweet Spot + 2' Push), 6 min recovery between sets

Zwift: Watopia - Figure 8 Reverse

  • 21m 58s
  • 2.28 miles
  • 09m 38s /Mi

Lunch run

I noticed this group before and I have more or less decided that it's more nuts than fun but check it out -- Mainly Marathon: Appalachian Series. I noticed it because they are running in Fletcher today.  I think that it was on the events calendar or something. I guess with a group, it could be fun. Lots of time on your feet for sure!

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    • 09m 25s /Mi

    Apex run

    I think that I'm gonna start a mini run streak to bump up my weekly mileage a bit.

    In other news, Kevin is continuing his Tour de Friends (aka mail checks). He is going hiking with Chuck this weekend (he broke Chuck last time the went and Chuck's wrist is still not up to mtb), then he is home for a weekend for another obedience trial with Zoe, then he is going riding with Phil (another mail check) because Phil wanted to know when his time slot was. 

    I said he had might as well take advantage of his workplace flexibility right now. Goodness knows what it'll be like come January. This way he can drive up after work on Thursday, work from home on Friday (with an early start, this means after work mtb or hike until time change), have fun on Saturday, ride/hike on Sunday morning and head home after lunch.  For me, it helps to spread the two drives apart.

    • 42m 51s
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    • 09m 29s /Mi

    Fletcher park run

    Morning run followed by the drive back to reality.

    • 1h 17m 31s
    • 11.30 miles
    • 8.75 Mi/hr

    Bent Creek gravel

    Kevin wanted to do Bent Creek even though I rode there yesterday.  I did the short version of yesterday's route.

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