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Around the Peakway

4 x 1/2 mile @ 5k pace with 1/4 mile between

√ Run tonight.

Sugar shock

After the party...

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Waterford Green-Haddon Hall

√ Run tonight!

I got the card to Kevin's nephew in the mail.  I need to go to the post office today to get the gift mailed.  and the DailyMile Secret Santa gift has entered the mail stream.

Emma is at the vet for a mani-pedi and to be expressed and get her vaccines updated.  She has gained six pounds since her last vet visit.  Ooops!

I brought yogurt to work as part of my lunch today.  Actually, I bring yogurt as part of my lunch most days.  Anyway, today I opened it up, licked the lid and was like ew, this yogurt is bad!  I looked at it.  Why is it a weird pink color.  Definitely bad.  Then I looked at the label.  Blueberry.  Hmm.  Not what I thought that I bought at all!

Elf with snowan

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Sport #1
  • Device Upload
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Imported from API

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 36m 33s

Early morning walk with Emma.

Sport #3
  • Yoga
  • 1h 05m

Yoga for Athletes

I got most of the remaining cards in the mail on the way into work today.  I still need to get the one for Kevin's nephew (they moved and I needed their new address) and my DailyMile Secret Santa out and then that task will be completed.

Always give from the heart.

Maple syrup Elf

Maple Elf 2

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14 miler with 8 miles at M pace.

Two months until marathon day! Gotta get it together!

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decorating elf

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Elf and Friend

but really, I was cooking!

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Lots of shopping and other errands today.  I went to Target and got Kevin's gifts.  $49.97.  Beat that!  Unfortunately, the Target nearest my house did not have what I wanted for my mom so I went home and dropped off (hid) Kevin's items and went to Durham to hunt and gather for my parent's gifts.  The Target near us carries NC State, UNC and Carolina Hurricanes gear but not Duke gear so I thought the Durham store might have Duke stuff.  Score!They also had a better bath and body selection.  Christmas shopping completed.  

Let me tell you that it takes for ever -- and requires a calculator -- to do the as close to $50 without going over thing!  Fun though. 

Next on the list was some grocery getting and a hair cut.  That got done but by then the day had gone by so Emma was cheated out of her walk.

I also got the international cards out.  The others are ready to go and I'll drop them in the mail next week.  I just wanted to give the international ones a bit of a head start.

prison elf

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Haddon Hall

√ Run tonight!

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