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Sport #2
  • Walking
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Early morning walk with Emma

Stanley Cup elf

Hurricanes Elf

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300 w/u
6 x 50 drill, pick two (6-3-6, single arm with off arm at side)
100 kick
50 kick
100 swim
150 kick
200 swim
150 kick
100 swim
50 kick
3 x 300 - (1) build, (2) pull with buoy, paddles, ankle band, (3) down kick focus
100 c/d
= 2500 yards (SCY)

We were in the rec pool today and there were no high school swimmers. A major (chemical) cleaning is underway in the competition pool due to crypto being found in some pools in two neighboring counties. It's just precautionary at my pool. Better safe than sorry!

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Dental woes continue.  I gave the condensed version last time.  You get the whole, embarrassing, write up today.

So, when I was in like first grade and I was new to riding my bike without training wheels, I fell off in the driveway.  I broke my one and only adult tooth.  It cracked diagonally with a big chip of maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the tooth.  Pretty much my entire life I have been dealing with the patch job that is my front tooth.  Eventually they made it into a crown rather than trying to glue on a bit of tooth.  Over the years the other front tooth became damage because of the broken tooth not sharing the load or whatever.  That tooth is also a crown.
Last month, I went in for my normal dental cleaning.  The hygienist accidentally broke one of the crowns during the pick and scrape aspect of the cleaning (broken in back, nothing visible).  My regular dentist was out and the substitute dentist punted.  I went back the next week to see the regular dentist and she was like yes, we must replace it.  What you have is not going anywhere, come back next week and we'll remove it, do a temporary, etc.  I went back and we did the temporary crown and got the impressions and I went on my way.  A few days later, I forgot that I had the temporary crown in and I flossed it like it was a regular tooth and the crown went flying across the room.  I was horrified at how I looked without it!  It was Friday and I did not think that Dr. Foy wanted to hear from me.  I was nearing a meltdown.  I found it and popped it back on.  Seemed OK so I went with it.

That brings us to today.  The big day in which I was going to return to normal with a regular "permanent" crown.  Well, it came in and was not satisfactory.  They called the lab and the lab people came over and the dentist said that it needs more characterization (I did actually really really appreciate this, btw.  It's a front tooth and needs to be right) blah blah blah.  The lab people said, but we cannot do anything with it.  We need to do *both* front teeth.  Dentist goes back and forth with them and apparently the lab people said we will do the second tooth for free.  So... out came the drills and needles.  Yes, they ripped that other crown right off.  Now I have *two* teeth with temporaries on it. 

Will this ever end?!

P.S. I am not upset with the dentist or anything.  I'm just way past ready for this to be over and for things to be back to someone normal in there.  Plus who likes drills and novacaine?

In other news, I've had a cold all week and I'm finally starting to feel better.


Gone fishin'

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Around the Peakway

4 x 1/2 mile @ 5k pace with 1/4 mile between

√ Run tonight.

Sugar shock

After the party...

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Waterford Green-Haddon Hall

√ Run tonight!

I got the card to Kevin's nephew in the mail.  I need to go to the post office today to get the gift mailed.  and the DailyMile Secret Santa gift has entered the mail stream.

Emma is at the vet for a mani-pedi and to be expressed and get her vaccines updated.  She has gained six pounds since her last vet visit.  Ooops!

I brought yogurt to work as part of my lunch today.  Actually, I bring yogurt as part of my lunch most days.  Anyway, today I opened it up, licked the lid and was like ew, this yogurt is bad!  I looked at it.  Why is it a weird pink color.  Definitely bad.  Then I looked at the label.  Blueberry.  Hmm.  Not what I thought that I bought at all!

Elf with snowan

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Early morning walk with Emma.

Sport #3
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Yoga for Athletes

I got most of the remaining cards in the mail on the way into work today.  I still need to get the one for Kevin's nephew (they moved and I needed their new address) and my DailyMile Secret Santa out and then that task will be completed.

Always give from the heart.

Maple syrup Elf

Maple Elf 2

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14 miler with 8 miles at M pace.

Two months until marathon day! Gotta get it together!

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decorating elf

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Elf and Friend

but really, I was cooking!

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