• 3h 37m 15s
  • 67.56 miles
  • 18.66 Mi/hr

Nice ride. No one really wanted to go fast. I think that everyone was a bit tired out from Firecracker on Thursday. We talked about Hal's group and the turtle incident (turtle avoidance on Pea Ridge in front group at Firecracker let to on broken jaw, one set of cracked ribs including punctured lung and one concussion).

Someone that none of the regulars knew had a problem unclipping and fell over (well, he fell over at a stop sign so I am assuming) and he broke his derailleur. We gave the ride leader a hard time. "He's never going to come back now!" "The ride leader pushed me and then left me at the side of the road... to DIE!" (He actually called his wife to pick him up.)

Towards the end of the ride, someone bumped a large rock (like the size of two fists together) and it skittered right in front of me. I hit it dead on. With both wheels. Thankfully, no flat of wheel problems. This is why l love Kysrium wheels and Conti 4000 S tires.

Total ride time/distance includes 10 mile ride to shop and 6 mile ride home.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8
  • 57m 13s
  • 12.73 miles
  • 13.35 Mi/hr

Cross bike cruise. White Oak Creek trail. I briefly considered some other options but this one was close so I picked it. Just a short, fun, recovery ride on the cross bike.

Sport #1
  • Device Upload
  • 41m

Imported from API

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 42m

Morning walk with Emma. We added on a bit of the Shepherd's Vineyard greenway today. That section is in even worse shape that the other section. I am under the impression that the town of Apex is going to eventually take ovjavascript:void(0);er this greenway. I wonder what the plans are for getting it into decent shape before this occurs?

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 3h 01m 58s
  • 60.10 miles
  • 19.82 Mi/hr

Firecracker 100k

Started with friends.  We got into a big group.  Lost friends somewhere around Holly Springs.  Did not see them at the second rest stop (we had agreed to skip the first one), I went on.  As usual, the big group broke up after the rest stop and we were much less organized after that.  Got to the bottom of Pea Ridge and the road was closed.  There were first responders and an ambulance there.  We heard something about a turtle?  They let us pass after only a few minutes.  Looking back, I remember seeing the ambulance pull out of the fire station at the top of Pea Ridge.  Stopped to top off my water at the third rest stop and finished up the ride.  My parents like to come to this one for whatever reason and I saw them at the finish.  Then I went home, made key lime pie and side items for the cookout and they came back to my house for a cookout in the evening.

After the ride


  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.5
  • 48m 16s
  • 14.99 miles
  • 18.63 Mi/hr

Old 1 to New Hill and back

  • 16m 14s
  • 1.84 miles
  • 08m 49s /Mi

Seagroves Farm

Grabbed Em for a short run off the bike. We ran through Seagroves Farm and around the pond in the park there. Emma said, "You try doing this with fur!"

√ Brick tonight

And of course it started to rain while I was on my way home.  I think that I can wait it out.

After our run, Em and I went to a concert at Waverly Place.  There was a shag band.  We had a great time!  She got lots of pets but was not that interested in dancing with me.

Band playing

Emma watching the band

Emma watching the band and the kids

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7.75
  • 57m 40s
  • 2050.00 yards
  • -----

400 w/u
8 x 50 (2 kick, 2 swim, 2 drill, 2 swim)
4 x (100 smooth @ 20, 2 x 50 fast @ 15, 2 x 25 easy @ 10), 1 minute between sets
200 pull
= 2050 yards

I spoke with Erin after today's session and she said that she is happy with my body rotation. The main thing that she'd like me to work on is improving my swim-specific leg strength. She also said that she's seen noticeable improvement in the two months that she's been coaching our Tuesday sessions.

  • 1h 02m 44s
  • 7.01 miles
  • 08m 56s /Mi

Seagroves Farm-Haddon Hall

Wet run. Spitting rain throughout. It wasn't a downpour or anything to that was good and it was more pleasant than running when it's 95 out so that's also good. I'm just sick of the rain.

Today's assignment: Run 60 min (z2) with 10 min @ 1/2 marathon pace

Sport #1
  • Core Training
  • 15m

Pre swim core workout

Sport #2
  • Stretching
  • 05m

√ Run tonight

More rain... it could be a wet run!

I wanted to experiment with MOOCs -- massive open online courses -- a bit and I am currently taking two classes through Coursera.  In one of the video lectures, the speaker said that 30% of all food produced in developing countries goes to waste. 

BTW, the two courses are Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective and Internet History, Technology, and Security. The internet course is way more entertaining but both are good.

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
Sport #1
  • Device Upload
  • 38m

Imported from API

Sport #2
  • Walking
  • 38m 35s

Early morning walk with Emma

Third wettest June on record in Raleigh with 10.08 inches of rain.  Normal is 3.52 inches.  No wonder it's seemed wet!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7
  • 2h 09m 07s
  • 39.52 miles
  • 18.36 Mi/hr

Beaver Creek-Martha's Chapel-Carpenter Firestation. Nice solo ride. Enjoyed it!

  • Stretching
  • 05m

  • Health data: Hours slept: 8.5

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