• 1h 11m 13s
  • 275.00 yards
  • -----

450 w/u
300 pull
200 drill (catch up, finger tip drag, fist, 6-3-6)
100 kick
3 times through @ 20 with 1 minute between rounds, use buoy round 2
- 100 easy
- 100 build to tempo
- 100 build to fast
- 100 fast
250 pull as 200 moderate, 50 fast
250 pull as 150 moderate, 100 easy
= 2750 yards

  • Stretching
  • 10m

stretch/planks/push ups

    • 46m 33s
    • 1859.14 yards
    • -----

    Easy/moderate recovery swim at Lifetime
    200 w/u
    400 pull
    450 swim
    450 pull
    200 c/d
    = 1700 meters

    • Yoga
    • 1h 00m

    Slow burn vinyasa

    I'm in this video of the start of yesterday's race -- top right corner, 19 seconds in.

    Race start as taken by WRAL.  The starting line is in the top right. 24 corals of runners waiting to start wrap around the block. 12,500 runners were registered.

    I'm still working on my race report.

    As you may have heard, two people died during the half marathon yesterday.  Here are a few quick links to the local news coverage if you are interested:

    • 1h 56m 40s
    • 13.10 miles
    • 08m 54s /Mi

    RnR half

    Sport #1
    • Device Upload
    • 56m

    Imported from API

    Sport #2
    • Stretching
    • 20m

    Stretch and roll

    Sport #3
    • Walking
    • 56m 03s

    Walk with Emma. We headed downtown and took the longer way back. It was something over over 3.5 miles. Beautiful day!

    I went to the race expo and checked in after work last night.  Kevin decided that he'll go to the race with me rather than meeting me there since the road closures for the race would make it problematic.  I've been on pollen overload much of this week but I think that I'm getting it under control now.

    Today is a rest day. I plan to take Emma for a walk and do some stretching and foam rolling. 

    Race swag

    • 30m 52s
    • 3.42 miles
    • 09m 01s /Mi

    Culvert-Downtown-Peakway (short)

    Easy-moderate run with two quarter mile intervals at half marathon pace. The run felt good!

    It'll be interesting to see what happens with IM Maryland (formerly Chesapeakeman).  I had been halfway interested in it as an independent iron distance event and my hesitation had been due to the swim.  I'm sure that now that it's a branded race, it'll sell out in a snap!  It's certainly a beautiful area.

    I joked with Kevin that I should enter!  I could do IM Maryland, rest 8 days and then do IM Chat.  Ha!  Coach M would fire me!

    Sir Walter "Rock 'n' Roll" Raleigh

    Sir Walter "Rock 'n' Roll" Raleigh

      • 1h 11m 02s
      • 2650.00 yards
      • -----

      Pretty pleased with this since I am feeling medicated. Pollen overload or some such.

      400 w/u
      100 kick
      6 x 100 drill/swim by 50 (6-3-6, fist, finger tip drag)
      (brain fart on the first one where I did 50 drill, 100 swim)
      200 pull
      100 build
      6 x 50 (1-3, 4-6 descending)
      200 pull
      100 build
      6 x 50 (1-3, 4-6 descending)
      100 fast
      200 pull c/d
      = 2560 yards (SCY)

      Manuel looked at our swimming from underwater today. Several of us need to work on bent elbows. He suggested single arm and catch up drills. I asked him to hound me about this.

      • Stretching
      • 10m

      stretch/planks/push ups

      It looks like logistics for the RnR event could be challenging.  The start/finish area is in downtown Raleigh and the way the course loops back on itself means that getting into downtown after the event starts but before the road are reopened will be problematic.  As a result, I'm not sure that anyone will be able to meet me at the finish line. 

      I have scoped out a place near mile 7.5 for my parents where they can park nearby and not have to deal with road closures.  Kevin really really really wants to see the concert afterward so planned to meet me in the finish area.  Well...  Due to the way the course loops through downtown at the start and the end of the race, there are major road closures.  He'll have his work cut out for me.

      BTW, I have mixed feelings about this event.  I'm looking forward to it in a many ways.  C race with 12,500 of my closest friends toeing the line, how does that sound?  Fun!  However, I kinda want to do the half marathon and go out to breakfast.  Is that wrong of me?  Not feeling the joy of hanging around in my running gear for a few hours so that Kevin can see a concert.  Selfish, I know.  Ah well, when we get to Chattanooga, I'll set the schedule ;-)



      Lilac Minnie Mouse lily magnolia

      Top: Magnolia

      Bottom: Lilac (L), Minnie Mouse lily magnolia (R)

        • 1h 28m 17s
        • 26.00 miles
        • 17.67 Mi/hr


        Nice group ride. The Hammer Heads took off and then there was everyone else. Normally there is a Hammer Head group and then a B group. Anyway, I road with "everyone else." There were six of us. Three turned back early and three others continued on until the turnaround time and we headed back. There were too many lights/traffic on the way out so we ended up getting done well before sunset. Could have gotten a few more miles in.

        √ Ride tonight!

        Huh.  My run from last night disappeared.  I must not have saved it.  Putting it in now...

        It's about time to replace my running shoes.  I went to Fleet Feet and asked when the Ghost 7s are expected to be out.  June.  Well, I can't wait that long so I got another pair of Ghost 6s.  I loved the 4s, liked the 5s and just not in love with the 6s.  I'll start breaking them in with the orthotics next week.

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