• 1h 50m 58s
  • 34.14 miles
  • 18.46 Mi/hr

OMV - not the route they said

Light turnout today. I think that a lot of people saw the rain and lunch and decided to call it then despite the fact that there was no rain and the skies were blue when we finished the ride. Anyway, only six people showed up and when I got there, Ed, David and Mike had already decided to go out to Shearon Harris instead of following the posted route (and Ed posted it!). I said sure. Then David E, and Big Tom came and we told them the plan.

√ Ride tonight, hopefully outdoors

We're under a flash flood watch.  We've had a whopping 0.04 inches of rain at my house!  That's 1.016 mm for you metric folks. 

AM Seriously, though, yesterday there were a lot of storms sort of near my house.  They were mostly along the I-95 corridor.  Today they are expected to be more in my area.  They said "along and east of US 1."  Well, I live about a mile west of US 1and the bike ride meets up within sight of US 1 so we shall see!

PM Apparently the rain that we had at lunch cooled the atmosphere enough that we didn't have much happen in the afternoon.  At any rate, we ended up with about 1.5 inches of rain on Wednesday.

    • 1h 13m 09s
    • 2900.00 yards
    • -----

    300 w/u
    300 pull
    300 drill/kick/swim by 100
    repeat twice
    200 pull
    150 negative split by 75
    100 fast
    50 easy
    200 swim
    150 pull
    100 easy
    50 fast
    = 2900 yards (SCY)

    • 1h 06m
    • 7.25 miles
    • 09m 06s /Mi

    Campus-Rose Garden roundabout

    Pleasant cool and cloudy run through campus, by Pullen Park and the Raleigh Little Theater Rose Garden. 3x 5 minute intervals with 2 minutes easy in between.

    • Stretching
    • 10m

    stretch/planks/push ups

    √ Run later

      • 47m 55s
      • 1968.50 yards
      • -----

      Easy/moderate recovery swim at Lifetime
      400 free
      400 pull
      400 free
      400 pull (buoy, no paddles)
      200 free with fins
      = 1800 meters

      • Yoga
      • 1h 10m

      Slow burn vinyasa

      √ Yoga tonight

      It looks like we're in an unsettle weather pattern and we may have a rainy week.

      Five months until Chattanooga.  Oh, and two months until little Washington.

      Tis better to have eaten something and thrown it up and then eaten it again than to never have eaten it at all

      I saw this on the interwebs last week and a comment in Stacey's blog made me think of it.

        • 2h 04m 39s
        • 35.31 miles
        • 17.00 Mi/hr

        Beaver Creek-Holland Chapel-Davis

        Great morning for a ride! Loving the weather. It keeps on making me thinkg of Vineman! Now do I want to do the half or the full??

        Legs have a bit of early season weariness in them. This should not be surprising since this is my biggest training week in a while and my biggest cycling week since B2B. The back-to-back days should sure help TdC!

        • 48m 57s
        • 5.26 miles
        • 09m 18s /Mi


        Ride after the run.

          • 3h 03m 37s
          • 59.00 miles
          • 19.28 Mi/hr

          CSH Saturday Fun and Adventure ride (yes, that's the real title)

          Good group with all of the usual suspects. Doug is no longer leading the ride but he was there. Jerry J. is the new ride leader. Big Tom, Genny, Art, Black Defy Mike, Mike K. and too many others to be named. Attacks on Big Woods but not too bad otherwise.

          I notice that Big Tom had on some shorts with thinning issues. I elected to not ride behind him. About an hour into the ride, Black Defy Mike said, "Tom, your shorts are thin!" Tom said, "Are you looking at my A$$?" I replied, "No but Genny and I are!"

          We sent to Brewgaloo in Raleigh which featured craft breweries from North Carolina, local food trucks and local bands. It seemed like "local" meant from North Carolina but who's to argue?  Good stuff! 

          Kevin with Brueprint Brown Ale

          Kevin with Brueprint Brown Ale

          Help! I need an amBREWlance!

          Pepper cheddar pretzel

          It's getting crowded!  Glad to see the good turnout!

          Sport #1
          • Device Upload
          • 38m

          Imported from API

          Sport #2
          • Walking
          • 38m 05s

          early morning walk with Emma

          Brewgaloo tomorrow.  After the ride ;-)

            • 1h 10m 05s
            • 2750.00 yards
            • -----

            500 w/u
            8 x 50 kick
            200 pull
            9 x 100 decend by sped (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) @ 20
            9 x 50 decend by rest (1-3 @ 15, 4-6 @ 10, 7-9 @5)
            300 pull (buoy only)
            = 2750 yards (SCY)

            • 2h 05m 29s
            • 37.15 miles
            • 17.76 Mi/hr

            Beaver Creek-Martha's Chapel-Davis

            Nice evening ride. Solo effort with two 8 minute intervals, 5 minutes easy in between.

            • Stretching
            • 10m

            stretch/planks/push ups

            Ride tonight!

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